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Last Winter . . . I Dreamed of Weekends Like This One

Last winter . . . when the temperatures were sub-zero day after day (after day) and the snow just kept falling and piling up, I dreamed of gardening away an entire weekend.


Last winter, thoughts of . . . 





and more weeding . . .

fed my soul.  In a very bleak time.

Tom's* corner garden . . . it's coming right along!

When the ground was covered with snow and ice - back when I could barely recall that there was grass under there - I thought of . . .




fresh herbs

and the smell of freshly-turned soil . . .

and it would make smile.  And gave me hope.

My pond . . . is looking pretty good right now.

This weekend, I gardened in my own yard . . . and I gardened in my Mom's yard.  We dug and planted and weeded and mulched.  We brought our winter-schemes to life.  And it felt really good.

Pushing the boundaries of "condo-rules"!
"Prince Charlie" fits right in my Mom's fairy garden. (He thinks the Irish moss we planted is just for him!)


We had fun planting this succulent birdhouse. (My Dad built one for me, too!)

You know what's interesting, though?  

I spent the entire weekend gardening.  And I never once - not even once - dreamed about winter!


* Tom says he doesn't garden.  But he has done every bit of work in this new corner garden!  (I just buy the plants and tell him where to plant them.)  This is totally Tom's garden.


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It was a beautiful weekend here, too. I didn't garden (well, I watered the container gardens but I don't think that counts) but I did enjoy the deck very very much. I sat out there and I read and I knit and I drank wine and entertained friends and it was SO MUCH BETTER than winter!


You've made the garden a family affair! Why dream about winter when you're in heaven! This is the very best time of year. I puttered around our garden this weekend and brought home a salad harvest and a few extra beet greens on the side for dinner. I'm ready for more.


Everyone's garden looks great! That birdhouse is adorable - go Dad go!


My gardening weekend was Memorial Day weekend and I am glad I got most of it done then, because here in central IL, the heat and humidity have arrived and I am a wimp in this weather! Your garden is beautiful and parts of it remind me of my garden in upstate NY. Here's to more gardening days this summer!


So glad your dreams are coming true! Your Dad's succulent birdhouses are really creative and Tom's corner garden looks pretty good for not gardening. Maybe he'd like to "not-garden" some bleeding heart and astilbe with his hostas? :)


Doesn't it seem like you wait and wait and spring/summer is elusive--then suddenly--there it is! Our Mother's Day show left me wondering. Your gardens are wonderful.


Oops--that's Mother's Day snow!


Haha. I think the only people who dream of winter are skiers, snowboarders, and the like!

It all sure looks great!


it's all so GREEN! I thought you were gonna say you never thought about knitting :-) I'm not one bit surprised you never thought about winter!


How wonderful! We are up to our ankles in mud so no gardening here. Glad you posted about yours...I got my fix through you!! Love the birdhouse. :)

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