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can mean only one thing.


I finished my Alabama Chanin project!


I really did love making this shawl!  It was futzy -- but no more futzy than most knitting projects.  


Vicki encouraged me to plunge on in and Just Try It back when I was hesitating.  

All those stitches, I said.

No big deal, she said.

You knit entire sweaters . . . one stitch at a time, she said.

Huh, I said.

You're right, I said.


And, although I love it . . . and remain completely charmed by the whole Alabama Chanin stitching couture Thing . . . I will say that I am spoiled by the hand-knit shawl!  (The drape and light, comfortable warmth are hard to beat.)  This shawl -- being two layers of high-quality cotton knit fabric -- is rather heavy and has little drape.  It is lovely -- a true work of art! -- but not as wearable as my hand-knit shawls.

It feels rather like . . . it might be more appropriate as . . .

a table runner!


I think I'll keep it slung over a chair.  Where I can admire it every day.


Will I try another Alabama Chanin project?

Oh, yeah!  You bet!

Big wheels keep on turning . . .


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You did a great job! I do like the look of the shawl though. Might be just the thing for a long plane ride!


You stitched through this project in a very short time, although it may seem a lot longer while you're working on it. It's lovely no matter how you wear it, or use it! Good work, beautifully done!! Truly Sweet!!


Sling away-- it looks great on the chair!

Cheryl S.

It looks lovely on you, even if you aren't as happy with how it feels compared to a knit shawl. But it's great decorating the chair, too.


it's lovely, especially the colors! I think you should try a top next.


I think it's beautiful as a table runner and chair throw. Nice job!


Lovely! I think of sewing as futzier than knitting, but you are all gradually breaking down my reasons/excuses not to try AC.


Lovely! I've never heard of this before you started your project. It looks perfect on the chair! That much cotton knit is too heavy to wear...


Wow! I'd been wondering what you were up to. Btw, loving that chair!


It's fabulous!
I have been well and truly infected by the A.C. bug! Jersey has arrived and is awaiting dye, to get just the right shade of green. Then, I stitch!
I will be a while. A very long while. As you say, one stitch at a time.


Oh! You've finished!!! BRAVA! It's lovely, Kym.

Have you washed it yet? Wash it! Then wear it and wash it and do it again. It's just like a t-shirt (albeit, a double layer tee... not extreme, but layers) and will soften with age. It may never drape as much as a knit shawl, but I guarantee it will soften and drape much more to your liking!

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