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As soon as I read Carole's Ten on Tuesday prompt this week, this song . . . 


popped right into my head!


Ten Things I'd Like to Try:

  1. Beekeeping.  (Seriously - but not in a serious way.)  (I just love my bees!)
  2. Worm composting.  (I've wanted to try this one for years.)
  3. Making beer from my own hops.  (Which are taking over the garden.)  (Just sayin.)
  4. Mosaic.  (Garden stepping stones.) (Or maybe a little tabletop.)
  5. Serious Writing.  (Like a book.)  (I've had an idea in my head for years.)
  6. Kayak the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  (Doesn't this look great?)
  7. Knit charming Christmas stockings. (Colorful and unique.)
  8. Watercolor.  (Real watercolor.)  (Not the app.)
  9. Use Photoshop regularly.  (Enough to remember how to use it.)
  10. Run enough to run a 10K.  (But not in an official way.)

How about YOU?  What would you like to try?


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Love the pink petal picture, Photoshopped or not! I'd like to try bees also, but have been a complete failure with the worms - twice. I'd read your book!


I'm with you on the Christmas socks...I even know which pattern I'd use!!
I've also thought about writing a book. But I don't even have a subject in mind! ;)


Nice sandals! I think I'd really enjoy mosaic too. And I guarantee you the 10K would be a piece of cake for you. C.A.K.E.


Mosaic should have been on my list, too! I've loved seeing the mosaics Vicki made. Her little table is lovely! I believe you could do all the things on your list!


I knew your list would be awesome and I was right. Write that book! I'll buy it for my library and when you do your book tour you can visit.


I've always wanted to try beekeeping... However, since I'm afraid of bees - don't think that would work - LOL! But I've always found them fascinating.

And watercolors - I've been trying my hand at it here and there - but not to much success!

I would love to learn how to weave scarves on a small loom....

Linda in VA


Wow - reading your list makes me want to add to mine! Including #1, 2, 4 and 9 - great list!


I just worked up to a 10k myself, it is so much more enjoyable than a 5k if you ask me. Beekeeping! I am shadowing an apiarist (is that the word?) this year hoping that I can get my own hive next year.
all of which is to say I LOVE YOUR LIST and you can TOTALLY DO IT! :-)


Ooooh . . . I love your list. Well, except I'll substitute "butterflies" for "bees" -- I'm afraid of getting stung, and I've read that the bees sense/smell fear, etc. Like you, I want to write a book and have had 2 solid ideas I can't get out of my head. Yesterday I was in Barnes & Noble and bought a magnet that says "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." I put that up next to a card I have that says "Someday is made up of a thousand tiny nows", and I started my book this morning. If you'd like to have someone to chat with or an accountability partner when you start writing, let me know. :)


full of all sorts of possibilities! and color! ...and running a 10k doesn't take that much running, you could for sure be ready by early fall, when it's not too hot and before the ice hits again!


I bet you could do a 10k, Mom! I'm going to run one in September. I haven't started training officially yet (still trying to get my pace for a 5k to 9:30) but I bet that if my lazy butt can do it, you totally can! :D

(As a note, I KNOW you could do all of these things if you wanted to/had the time to.)

One thing I really want to try is to program a simple computer game in which you walk over to a box and open it and a series of random things fly out of it depending on the roll of a 20-sided dice (aggressive cutlery upon rolling a 4, for example).

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