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Throwback Thursday: Talkin' Dirt(y)

(Yeah.  That got your attention!)

(I want to apologize to all of you who have commented over the last few days.  Because of the ongoing Typepad "issues," I am not receiving comments by email, which makes it difficult to respond to you.  Please know that I appreciate every comment and would love to send you a personal response.  Right now, though, Typepad is not making this easy.  Please hang in there with me -- and all of us with Typepad blogs.)


Five years ago, when I first started this blog, I had a few very nice garden beds . . . and a whole lotta plans and dreams!  During that long winter of chemo, I surrounded myself with garden books and landscaping magazines and plant palettes.  

I dreamed.

I schemed.

I drew.

I made lists.

In May 2009, my back yard looked like this . . .

Back fence design project 002

A whole swath of nothing!

And my front yard looked like this . . .

Front of house 002

as Tom and Brian and Dominik dug up all the foundation plantings along the front of the house.

I started planting. . .

Putting in the Garden May 2009 014

but things were a bit sparse!

The tiny little "puddle pond" was brand new. . .

Putting in the Garden May 2009 009

and I was still holding on to the misguided notion that I could have an "English cottage garden" in my way-too-sunny-and-windy side lot.

Garden Jun 4 2009 016

My garden has gone through amazing changes in the last five years!  More change than my growing-up-kids.  More change than my knitting.  More change than my hair style or attitude or reading habits!

My garden has been. . . 

dug up





torn out


The "whole swath" out in back?  (Note:  These photos are from last season.)




That ripped-out front foundation bed?


The "puddle-pond"?


It's there . . . bottom right. . . and has been joined by a second, larger pond, up the hill!


My failed cottage garden . . . has turned into a garden full of Michigan natives to attract bees and butterflies.


(Totally out of control, but much happier!)

Whole new corners have popped up. . . 


and new beds are in the works!


When it comes to talkin' dirt(y) . . . you could say. . . that I've had a whole lot to say in 5 years!