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Throwback Thursday: Five Years of Knitting

According to my Ravelry projects page, I've knit 111 projects since beginning my blog (in May 2009).  That's a lot of stitches . . . and a whole lot of yarn!

When I started the blog, I was in the midst of the first NaKniSweMoDo . . . the challenge to knit a sweater a month for an entire year.  (That's how I met Margene and Cheryl and Susan, you know.  They were the group moderators for that first NaKniSweMoDo.)  I remember reading about the 12-sweaters challenge on Ravelry, right about the time I was mid-way through my chemo treatments.  I needed a challenge.  I needed to knit.  I joined!

Here's a photo collage I found in my archives, showing the first 9 sweaters I knit that year:

NaKniSweMoDo at 9

It's funny to look back at the sweaters now.  I've actually gotten rid of most of them.  (Some were too big, some had memories of chemo knit too tightly into the stitches, and some were just . . . what was I thinking???)  (I still wear my Central Park Hoodie quite often (bottom right corner), and occasionally - if I'm going to be somewhere very cold - I wear the hoodie up top.  All the rest?  Goners.)

I still love to knit sweaters, but I tend to be more thoughtful about the designs I choose.  These days, with the exception of this one, I knit sweaters I actually like to wear!

It's fun to look back at knitting projects with 5 years of perspective.  (Thanks, Ravelry, for making it easy.)  My favorite projects since May 2009?

All of the Duffers I made as Christmas gifts one year . . .


Scalene . . . probably my most-frequently-worn handknit . . .


Tinder . . . best-fitting cardigan ever!


Kirsten Kapur's Germinate . . . I'm still charmed by the stripe-y lace panels (and Kim's yarn).


And, last but not least, the Grim Reaper I made for Erin.  Oh-so-futzy, but oh-so-worth-it!


It'll be fun to see what comes off my needles over the NEXT five years!


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Few of my MoDo sweaters are hanging around as they suffered the same fate as yours. It was a tough year for us both, but look what we accomplished during the toughest time of our lives! I wear my Germinate daily! It might be my favorite knit ever. Nice work on 5 years of knitting, Kym. Here's to many, many more years (and more knitting successes!).


I can barely knit 1 sweater a year, never mind 12! I'm glad you kept that CPH, that's a great pattern and Hannah still wears hers even though it's about 5 years old, too.


I can't imagine knitting a sweater a month. Actually I can't imagine knitting anything in a month. It just doesn't seem to happen.
Happy next 5 years of knitting! I bet they'll be productive too!

Cheryl S.

I made a lot of sweaters that I don't wear, either. Some have already been given away, and some are getting collected in a box for donation. But I do have a few that I love and wear often, including my CPH. I think that's an awesome pattern that looks great on almost everyone.


Thank goodness I 'm not the only one who can't imagine knitting a sweater in a month. I also can't imagine knitting them and then abandoning them!


That was such a huge accomplishment! I've got a CPH I made but the gage God got me and it's just a little too small. Here's to 5 more years!


this is a great look back! I have to agree that these days my accessories get a lot more wear than my sweaters. I am also enjoying knitting for others and knitting afghans and blankets.

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