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This and That


We had a mighty fine, long weekend here in Southwest Michigan!  Best weather I can remember in a long, long time -- and that makes everything pretty darn wonderful.


My weekend was full of This and That.  10 things:

1.  I got fitted for new running shoes at my local running store.   (I ran a couple of times, too!)


2.  We had friends over for dinner on Friday night. (I did the cooking and organizing.)  (Tom did the cleaning up.)

3.  I got sick.  A weird little bug that made me really grumpy.  And tired.  (I whined a lot.)  (Fortunately, it came and went quickly.)

4.  I shopped at my favorite local nurseries.  (Best kind of shopping!)


5.  I put in my herb garden.  (And harvested a huge batch of parsley.  Somehow, it survived the winter and is going gangbusters already!)

6.  I packed Tom for a quick fishing trip to Key West.  (He is catching shark and barracuda and permit -- and seeking tarpon!)

7.  I took a road trip with the dogs to visit my Mom and Dad in Holland.  (We saw Brian, too.)


8.  I had a marathon day in the garden, digging and weeding and figuring out where to put what.  (I'm sort of overwhelmed right now, but it'll all work out.)

9.  I called in the air conditioning repairman.  (Bummer.  But, luckily, easy fix.)

10.  I marveled at the wonder of warmth and sunshine and walking barefoot.  (I am so ready for summer!)


How about YOU?  What did you do this weekend?



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My new sneakers came in handy. Feet held up through the long walks. Your weekend looks full of the things you love!Will you end up with some fresh fish to eat? Your yard looks lush!


Argh! Seems like a lot of people went running this weekend. I am a non-runner, but I have aspirations to start, if only because it might be a great way to tire out the labs. Yours are so well behaved in the car, sitting so nicely.


Sounds great except for that blip! (Which I think I may have!) Nice new sneaks and a couple of happy dogs!


I went walking. I've been slowly working on getting a little more distance...I was pretty (very!) out of shape.
Ooo, lookit all the flowers in the trunk! Nice.
Give Jenny & Jo-Jo a pat from me. :)


Like you, I love summer and being outdoors. Sorry to hear you had a touch of something but so glad it was brief.


Sounds like a very busy and productive weekend - minus the sickness.


I had intended on taking a nice long walk too. And the I got sick. Must be contagious this weekend! I am so ready to spend some time outside now. Summer get on over here!


Your weekend sounds excellent except for the being sick part.


Sorry for the sickness and a/c repair, but negatives always help me appreciate the postives a bit more. And your positives sound so very good! Here's to many more good weekends!


I'm glad the sick came and went quickly. and that the A/C repair was easy. Now you're set to enjoy all the good that early summer has to offer!

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