Blog Anniversary Quiz Bowl #4: The Final Edition
Roll Up. . .

This and That


We had a mighty fine, long weekend here in Southwest Michigan!  Best weather I can remember in a long, long time -- and that makes everything pretty darn wonderful.


My weekend was full of This and That.  10 things:

1.  I got fitted for new running shoes at my local running store.   (I ran a couple of times, too!)


2.  We had friends over for dinner on Friday night. (I did the cooking and organizing.)  (Tom did the cleaning up.)

3.  I got sick.  A weird little bug that made me really grumpy.  And tired.  (I whined a lot.)  (Fortunately, it came and went quickly.)

4.  I shopped at my favorite local nurseries.  (Best kind of shopping!)


5.  I put in my herb garden.  (And harvested a huge batch of parsley.  Somehow, it survived the winter and is going gangbusters already!)

6.  I packed Tom for a quick fishing trip to Key West.  (He is catching shark and barracuda and permit -- and seeking tarpon!)

7.  I took a road trip with the dogs to visit my Mom and Dad in Holland.  (We saw Brian, too.)


8.  I had a marathon day in the garden, digging and weeding and figuring out where to put what.  (I'm sort of overwhelmed right now, but it'll all work out.)

9.  I called in the air conditioning repairman.  (Bummer.  But, luckily, easy fix.)

10.  I marveled at the wonder of warmth and sunshine and walking barefoot.  (I am so ready for summer!)


How about YOU?  What did you do this weekend?