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More Learnin'


All day yesterday, I had fun mulling over today's Ten on Tuesday topic, Ten Things (Subjects) You Wish You Knew More About.  Just what was I interested in learning more about?

Then, when I got home, I pulled this out of my mailbox:


A catalog from The Great Courses.  (80% off the Pure Joy of Learning!  Act now!)

I get these catalogs from time to time, but I've never actually opened one and looked inside.  Today, though . . . it seemed like serendipity!  So I looked inside.

Their courses are much cheaper than I expected -- and cover the gamut of subjects:  Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behavior.  Daily Life in the Ancient World.  Practicing Mindfulness.  Fundamentals of Photography.  Rediscovering the Lost Art of Cooking.  How to Listen To and Understand Great Music.  Nutrition Made Clear.  Latin 101.  Financial Literacy.  Great World Religions.

Truly. . . something for everyone.

But I don't think I'll be signing up for this one anytime soon:


Yeah.  The Joy of Mathematics.  (Although I must admit to being charmed by the lectures titled "The Joy of the Imaginary Number i" and "The Joy of the Number e."  Not so much though with "The Joy of Proofs" and "The Joy of Differential Calculus.")

If not The Joy of Mathematics, then. . . what Ten Things DO I Wish I Knew More About?

  1. Italian.  I wish I knew a few handy phrases . . . like . . . "Another glass of chianti, please."  Or "Where are the bathrooms?"  Or "How much for this exquisite leather bag?"  (I think I can do something about this one before September!)
  2. Photoshop.  I have taken 3 (count them. . . 3!) Photoshop classes.  My problem?  I don't practice enough, and then I forget.
  3. Dog Agility Training.  I think Jenny and/or JoJo (but not both at once!) would love agility training.  
  4. Piano.  It sits right there in my living room every day.  All I have to do is practice.  (See Photoshop, above.)
  5. Art History.  Especially before I go to Italy.  (Maybe I should take a closer look at the offerings in The Great Courses catalog, huh?)
  6. Weaving.  But I need another fiber art in my life like I need a hole in the head.
  7. Astronomy.  I'd love to look up at the sky and know more about what it is I'm seeing.
  8. Quantum mechanics.  Really.  I wish I could get my head around this one even just a little bit.
  9. Electricity.  But I give up.  (Actually, I'd be happy to just understand how to get the MENU to show up - reliably - on my TV screen.  But I guess that's not really electricity.  But I bet some of you will understand.)
  10. French cooking.  Like . . . real French cooking.  

How about YOU?  What do you wish you knew more about?


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