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Roll Up. . .

. . . For the Mystery Tour!

Come June 1, you'll find me following the clues . . . of Kirsten Kapur's 2014 Mystery Shawl!

I've never knit a Mystery Anything.  In fact, I've sworn I never would!  But, here I am.  All signed up and ready to go.

Truth is, I trust Kirsten's designs.  I've knit at least five of her shawls, and I love each one.  Great designs.  Great patterns.  Great results.

And when I read, "shallow triangle," "ease of wear," and "tossed casually around the neck much like a scarf," I was hooked.   Then, when I read she had knit her sample using a gradient yarn kit . . . I was All In!

(Of course, a little peer pressure makes it all fun, too!  I'm excited to be joining Margene, Carole, and Patty on this Mystery Tour.)


I'll be knitting a pop-of-color mystery, that's for sure!  (I ordered the flouro gradient kit.  And "flouro" it is!)

Roll up!  

We're waiting to take you away . . .