Before and After
Last Winter . . . I Dreamed of Weekends Like This One

Right Now . . . May 2014

May . . . 

The weather here at the end of May has been glorious!  Warm, sunny . . . summer is coming!


What's happening in my world . . . RIGHT NOW?

Watching . . . My hops grow.  (And grow.  And grow.)  I recently caught up on Call the Midwife (such a charming show), too.  But I find very little time (or patience) for television, generally, and sometimes don't watch anything for weeks at a time.  (This is why I can't remember . . . how work controls???)


Reading . . . Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie by day; Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin by night (this one is a re-read of what I remember as a great book . . . that I last read in 1983!).  And . . . I haven't give up on Bach: Music in Castle of Heaven by John Eliot Gardiner, but it's on the back burner for now.

Knitting . . . I'm slogging away on another folded poncho!  This one for summer, in Hempathy.  It's a good project to have around, because it takes no brain power at all -- and that's Just the Ticket some days.  I'm also READY for the start of Kirsten Kapur's Mystery Shawl!  Yarn wound; needles found.


Listening to . . . Amos Lee.


Dreading . . . Dealing with this.  Yeah.  (Be sure to check the integrity of the pockets in new running clothes.  Just sayin.)


Planning . . . A long weekend trip in August . . . a visit from Erin in June . . . how to maximize my vacation time. . .

Humming . . . A certain Coldplay song that my spinning instructor really likes.  I'll not share it here, because I'm trying to get rid of that particular earworm.  I'll share this Coldplay song instead.  Because great video.


Wondering . . . Why my usually-quiet neighbors let their now-teenage daughter scream and shriek in the pool . . . like . . . All.The.Time.

Drinking . . . Iced tea!

Itching to . . . Get Up North to our cottage.  (Tom has been up many times already.  Me and the dogs?  Not yet!  But soon.)

Needing to . . . Plant.  Weed.  Mulch.  Repeat.

Organizing . . .  It is the "quiet season" (relatively speaking) at work right now.  I am trying to organize All The Work Things.

Delighted by . . . I have a new car* . . . and I am absolutely delighted by it in every way!  The leather seats.  The satellite radio.  The bluetooth.  But.  I am most delighted by this (and, if you are in my family, you know this is an extravagance I've been waiting for for about 20 years) . . .


Inspired by . . . A little drawing journal I picked up last week.  Doodling With Purpose!


Celebrating . . . Summer!  Glorious Summer!

Pleased with . . . My new dogwood is blooming!


How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . Right Now?


* Subaru Outback.


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Congrats on the sunroof! ;-) I do not have one in my car. (And I did in my last one!) Wrapping up the body on my Cape Cod and soon winding for the KAL - hoping I don't crash and burn. Because I'm a big joiner/talker/crash and burner! ;-)


I will never buy a car without a sunroof again. I've had one in almost all my cars, except my current, and I miss it SO much. Americanah is one of my favorite books of the year. Looking forward to hearing what you think. Must wind my yarn today!


I love my sunroof and hope I don't have to go without one ever again. I started Winter's Tale last night - we'll see. Bummer about the iPhone screen. If you get a nice person at the genius bar they might give you a new one for free, that's what happened to me last time I had a problem.


Lots of sunroof lovers. I love the scope of this post! Yay summer!


Sorry about the phone. That hurts!
Yay for the sunroof!! But...more importantly...with leather seats did you get heated seats?? They are the best!
Happy Weekend!!


You covered a lot in this post so there's something for everyone, even those odd people like myself that are not sun-roof appreciators!


I have a sunroof that I do not use because once I used it and a giant cicada dropped out of a tree, through the sunroof, and onto ME. Never. Again. (Though I DO use it when it's nice out and I eat lunch in my car. Nice breeze!)

kathy b

Very fun post. LOVE your new car. You deserve it. We aren't eating in the new truck just yet….we'll see how long that lasts.
I got cancelled at work! Yippee I can watch the Blackhawks game on our porch with Fireman tonight and knit of course.
Im rekindling my walking goals. TOok 2 walks today for a total of 4,000 walk steps. Im off to cut the lawn next


so much good...sorry about the phone and the screaming teenager! hope you get up to the lake soon - I know you're like Jo Jo to get back there (at least I think that's who I spy in that first photo?!)


I've never had a sunroof of my own, but it's priority #1 when I get another car!

I feel like I'm still in major catch-up mode, but also looking head... because I've caught the TTL Mystery Shawl fever and dyed yarn over the weekend. I also may have already wound up one of those colors, cast on, and begun to knit! :)

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