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Some Pomp and a Lot of Circumstance

You know . . . how sometimes your life becomes a whirlwind of Stuff?  Deadlines and events and parties and opportunities and, well, Stuff?  I've been caught in one of those whirlwinds lately.

You know what happens when you're caught in a whirlwind of Stuff?   Yeah.  Something usually has to give.  For me, it seems to be the small, niggling details.  Like . . . I remember to bring my camera to my son's graduation.  But I leave the battery pack in the charger at home.  (Thanks, Dad, for coming to my rescue with your old point-and-shoot!)  Or . . . when all the festivities are over, I leave my phone behind at my parents' house.  And have to make a trip back to pick it up.  (Thanks, Mom and Dad, for meeting me half-way.)

So.  Yeah.  Life has been busy.  Whirlwind busy.  

It's nice to have a celebration day -- to step back out of the whilrwind and spend time with people you love best.  To celebrate and recognize and mark a major milestone.  To remember why you deal with the whirlwind in the first place!   (And to realize that life goes on . . . even without your zoom lens.)







Congratulations, Brian!

What a fabulous celebration - out of the whirlwind - to mark your fabulous achievement!

We're so very proud of you!




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Congratulations to your son,you and your husband! A wonderful celebration!


Congratulations Brian! And Kym and Tom - it's nice when our kids find success!


I'm glad that you got to slow down and enjoy the day. Congratulations to Brian and to you and Tom, too! Two kids, two college degrees. That's impressive!


Congratulations to all involved but mainly to Brian!


Well-deserved congratulations to Brian and the whole family along with best wishes to Brian in this next interesting and exciting phase of his life! I hope that the whirlwind calms down!


Brian succeeded (in part) because he's has his parents behind him all the way. And, they taught him the value of being a thinker and a doer. Way to go to all of you!! Congratulations, Brian!! Go get 'em!


Congratulations Brian!! And a pat on the back to mom and dad for all their hard work over the years too. :)


Congratulations all around! look forward to seeing what's next for Brian...and for you (once, of course, you're out of the whirlwind!)


Congratulations to Brain and to the whole family! There wasn't a single kerfluffle that made this day anything less than perfect--what a wonderful milestone!



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