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Some Pomp and a Lot of Circumstance

You know . . . how sometimes your life becomes a whirlwind of Stuff?  Deadlines and events and parties and opportunities and, well, Stuff?  I've been caught in one of those whirlwinds lately.

You know what happens when you're caught in a whirlwind of Stuff?   Yeah.  Something usually has to give.  For me, it seems to be the small, niggling details.  Like . . . I remember to bring my camera to my son's graduation.  But I leave the battery pack in the charger at home.  (Thanks, Dad, for coming to my rescue with your old point-and-shoot!)  Or . . . when all the festivities are over, I leave my phone behind at my parents' house.  And have to make a trip back to pick it up.  (Thanks, Mom and Dad, for meeting me half-way.)

So.  Yeah.  Life has been busy.  Whirlwind busy.  

It's nice to have a celebration day -- to step back out of the whilrwind and spend time with people you love best.  To celebrate and recognize and mark a major milestone.  To remember why you deal with the whirlwind in the first place!   (And to realize that life goes on . . . even without your zoom lens.)







Congratulations, Brian!

What a fabulous celebration - out of the whirlwind - to mark your fabulous achievement!

We're so very proud of you!