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Picturing . . . POSSIBILITY

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
                                                                                            ------  Marcel Proust


Last month, the One Little Word project had us turning to images . . . to "picture" our word.  So.  What does POSSIBILITY look like?

For me . . . POSSIBILITY looks like this:








You can't really set out to take a picture of POSSIBILITY. . . but you can find pictures of POSSIBILITY all around you!  Plants growing where they ought not.  Reminders to explore, to wander.  Visible evidence of an emptying out, of making room for something new and different.  Trying new things.  Learning new things.

There are visual reminders of POSSIBILITY all around.  We just need to have . . . new eyes!


As a side note, I usually struggle with the "creating-a-scrapbook" portion of the OLW project.  This year, I'm finding it quite liberating to just do my own thing instead . . . and incorporate the prompts into my journal.  It still looks a lot like "scrapbooking" I suppose, but it's not a prescribed format.  It's MY format.  And, apparently, that makes All the Difference for me.




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So fun...and inspiring. I want to live next door. ;-)


She's a rebel 'cause she doesn't do what everybody else does....

Wow--are you going to have fun filling all those hangers!!!


Do what works! Your journal is a testament of your awareness of possibility and your ability to go where the possibility leads.


A greenhouse is definitely full of possibility. And seeds and bulbs. And even that gap in the cement that the sedum found. Love it!


You're doin' it your way! I think my favorite types of projects are the ones that allow for personal interpretation and exploration, I love to riff!! :)


I had a hard time with the Vision Board and I haven't done much with April and I haven't even watched the video for May. I'm still finding and seeing JOY but I need to get back on track with my journaling and scarpbooking. Your possibilities are limitless!


gorgeous photos and so clear the link to possibility in each of them. I haven't done a bit of the project outside my journal either. but I do get inspiration from the videos. it's a process....

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