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As most of you know, I have a really wonderful relationship with my Mom.  She's my Mom, sure . . . but we're also really great friends.  And, really, we always have been.

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It's been fun to think about today's topic -- 10 Things My Mom Taught Me -- because, when it comes right down to it, my Mom pretty much taught me everything I know today.  Seriously.  When I reflect on who I am now - as a functional grown up - it really all boils down to things my Mom taught me!  She is, truly, the Master Mom.


10 Things My Mom Taught Me:

  1. To Read - My Mom likes to say that "Kym taught herself to read."  But that isn't true.  Sure, I went off to school, already knowing how to read.  (That part is true.)  But it's only because my Mom read to me all the time.  She took me to the library.  We made "word scrapbooks."  We read and read and read.  
  2. To Knit - My Mom used to knit a lot when I was a little girl.  I still have a little red cardigan with cables that she knit for me in elementary school, and she used to be the master of ripple afghans!  (I wish I still had one of those. . .)  She taught me the basics:  casting on, garter stitch, purl stitch.  I worked . . . s-l-o-w-l-y . . . on a garter stitch scarf.  It ultimately became a doll blanket because I sort of lost my scarf mojo.
  3. To Drive - My Dad was charged with teaching me to drive.  But that didn't work out.  At all.  (He didn't have the patience for a temperamental and rather testy teen-age daughter. . .)  So my Mom did it.  We drove for miles and miles and miles along the backroads of Wyoming (and trust me - it's all backroads in Wyoming!)  and had a lot of fun together.  
  4. To Cook - My Mom used to have me start dinner every night after she had gone back to work when I was in junior high.  I learned a lot about timing, following instructions, and . . . to make sure to "stab" the potatoes before placing them in the oven!
  5. To Love flowers - One of my most lovely early-gardening memories is sitting with my Mom as we weeded the small strip of flower garden along the side of my childhood house.  My Mom showed me how to collect dry seeds - from four-o'clocks and moss roses - and save them in envelopes.  I'm pretty sure this is why I garden today!
  6. To Reconcile my checkbook - When I was in high school and had a job, my Mom helped me open a checking account.  She taught me how to reconcile my checkbook and I have been forever grateful.
  7. To be active (and STAY active) - My Mom was active as a girl -- she danced and swam and skated and curled (!).  She is still active today -- she lap-swims and does weight-training and even Zumbas now and again.  She made sure I had opportunities for activities and sports as a child, and she's a great role model for a lifetime of keeping active and busy. 
  8. That a little bit of "silly" goes a long way - My Mom has a great sense of humor -- and we have laughed our way through nearly every thing we do.  Truly.  We can laugh at anything!
  9. To always do the right thing - My Mom is a model in decorum and good manners.  She taught me to do-what-you-say-you're-going-to-do, be on time for work, only take a sick day when you need a sick day, pay your bills on time, return messages, if you take on a leadership role then follow through with the leadership role (but run like hell from the PTA Presidency!), write thank you notes, and be kind to everyone.
  10. To love your children no matter what ... and to stay outta their shit! - My Mom is the Poster Child for Unconditional Love.  And she really has never interfered with my life.  I am so fortunate.  (And, really, so are my kids.  Because I learned at the feet of the Master.)


How about YOU?  What did you learn from your Mom?  


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With your amazing list, you may have given your Mom the best Mother's Day gift ever. I would be thrilled if my kids made a list even halfway resembling this, but I know I have some work to do on numbers 7, 8, and the "don't interfere" part of 10. In the future I may be asking myself WWKMD (What Would Kym's Mom Do?)!


Our moms are our greatest heroes and role models. We are very fortunate. I remember Mom giving me a white envelope to keep four-o-clock seeds in. We always had a plant of four o'clocks by the front door. Thanks for bring back that lovely memory!


Your mom sounds fantastic and I'll admit I'm a little envious of the relationship you have with her. There are a few similarities on our lists, though, and I probably should have said that my mom taught me impeccable manners, too!


What a wonderful Mom you have and I feel lucky that my Mom taught me #9 and #10 too. Gardening...not so much!


Your mom did a wonderful job and isn't it nice to learn what to do when dealing with your own kids! Good example passed on to the next generation.


The fact that your mother knew when to teach and when to step back is phenomenal.


Your Mom sounds so lovely - and so does your relationship with her! My Mom taught me to read too! She read a lot when we were growing up.... And I became a reader. But, none of my other siblings did - their loss!

Linda in VA


Lovely! An early Happy Mother's Day to you both!!

Amy Artisan

What a fantastic list of lessons imparted by your Mom!


What a lovely tribute, Kym! Happy Mothers Day to you.


what a wonderful list! and a great Mother's Day gift for your mom, too. Happy Mother's Day, Kym!

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