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Blog Anniversary Quiz Bowl #4: The Final Edition

First . . . (drum roll, please!) . . . CONGRATULATIONS to last week's randomly-selected Quiz Bowl Winner . . . RACHEL!!!  

And now . . . on to Quiz Bowl #4!

During May, I'm celebrating my fifth anniversary of blogging!  Each Friday, I will provide a Blog Quiz. Answer the questions for a chance to win a prize!  (A random winner will be chosen every week -- PLUS a Grand Prize Winner at the end of the month.)  All answers have been provided, at some point, here on the blog.


(Congratulations to Brian - who made the Dean's List in his final semester of college.  Way to finish strong!)

Here are the questions for Week 3:

  1. If I am knitting a project for myself, what are the most likely colors I'll choose?   (There could be multiple right answers here.)
  2. I tested and analyzed a certain type of product a couple of years ago.  What was it?
  3. Over the blog years, what month have I worked to reclaim?

Just leave your answers in the comments section.  (All correct answers will be eligible for the prize drawing.)

Happy Friday!


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Geez, I was all set to say red but I think you use a lot of grey, too. And green. Can I give more than one answer? For #2 it was The Chapstick Challenge and I still think of you every time I see a new type of lip product. And #3 is September. Let's play with crayons!


Your colors are greens, golds, grays, and sometimes blue.
Who can forget the lip balm analysis? Good job in giving us the ins and outs of lip products. #3 I think is March, but Carole's more likely right.


This one feels less like cheating to me because I don't actually know the answers because I'm your kid (except for #3) but because I read the blog.

...or in the case of #1, I have no idea. But I know you like the Earth Tone color palette in general.

For #2 it was chapstick/lip balm.

#3 is September (though you occasionally try to "reclaim Christmas" as well for very much different reasons).


1. Red, green, and gold
2. The Chapstick Challenge!
3. September

Congratulations to Brian and Happy 5th Anniversary to you!


Colors - warm earthy ones (including reds & golds) also mossy greens and gray.

Lipbalm - I made a recommendation to my daughter just a couple of weeks ago based on your reviews. . .

Probably September, but Christmas too


Oyyy - my original comment got eaten by the meanies!!

First of all, warmest congratulation to Brian - way to go boy! :)

Second: So happy to be the lucky winner! Thank you.

1. I say multicolor just because the first thing that came to my mind when I read this question was your wonderful: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da but I think they should be of the muted kind.

2. the lip treatment challenge - who can forget that! Just last week I was thinking about you while choosing one in a pharmacy along our way north.

3. September.


Red and green!
The Chapstick Challenge.

Congratulations to Brian!

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