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Blog Anniversary Quiz Bowl #3

First . . . (drum roll, please!) . . . CONGRATULATIONS to last week's randomly-selected Quiz Bowl Winner . . . MARGENE!!!  

And now . . . on to Quiz Bowl #3!

During May, I'm celebrating my fifth anniversary of blogging!  Each Friday, I will provide a Blog Quiz. Answer the questions for a chance to win a prize!  (A random winner will be chosen every week -- PLUS a Grand Prize Winner at the end of the month.)  All answers have been provided, at some point, here on the blog.


(The trillium in my yard are blooming.)

Here are the questions for Week 3:

  1. Where in the world are my sister and I going next?
  2. If forced to choose, which is my favorite "hobby" -- reading or knitting?
  3. When I first started college, I planned to major in what subject?

Just leave your answers in the comments section.  (All correct answers will be eligible for the prize drawing.)

Happy Friday!



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What?! What?! I won!? Yay!!
I think I remember questions 1 and 2. You're going to Italy and take a cooking class, right!?
You'll pick reading every.single.time. Right?!
I'm not sure on question 3, but think you were going to major in Education. Now that I've typed it, I'm sure I'm wrong. Right?!
Do you like all my excited questions?! lol


1. Italy
2. Reading, but I think you are quite prolific in both reading and knitting!
3. French
Since I've already been lucky enough to win, please don't include me in the drawing. I just like finding the answers and doing the quiz!


Okay - I think I know 'em all this week!
1. Italy
2. Definitely reading.
3. French!


1. Italy
2. I think reading...
3. French


Wow! A quiz where I actually know the answers (without cheating).



Italy - Oh lucky you!
I hope you get to Sieanna while you are there, it is so very beautiful!

Reading - I knew this the second I read the question although I can't say why and I couldn't find it in the blog (didn't look too hard though...)
So I hope I am right.

French - Found this one very easily on the blog.

kathy b

1. Toledo Ohio
2. Knitting
3. Major: Nursing

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