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Blog Anniversary Quiz Bowl #1

During May, I'm celebrating my fifth anniversary of blogging!  Each Friday, I will provide a Blog Quiz. Answer the questions for a chance to win a prize!  (A winner chosen every week -- PLUS a Grand Prize Winner at the end of the month.)  All answers have been provided, at some point, here on the blog.


Here are the questions for Week 1:

  1. What was the name of our family dog BEFORE Jenny?
  2. What is my most-dreaded food?
  3. What kind of car do I drive?  

Just leave your answers in the comments section.  (All correct answers will be eligible for the prize drawing.)

Happy Friday!



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1)Jake, 2)Oatmeal, 3)Subaru Forester. For a bonus, Tom drives a Mini. How'd I do?


Well, it looks like Carole nailed that one. I agree 100% with everything she says, including that Tom drives a Mini. :)


Carole is quick and knows you well! In the spirit of honesty, I did search your blog for the answers since I didn't know them. No wonder you dread oatmeal; you may have been traumatized by Quaker Instant but your mom is brilliant!


What Carole said and I had to cheat for the Oatmeal answer! :-)


I feel like my answering these questions might constitute cheating. But Carole is way ahead of me anyway, so Jake, Oatmeal, Subaru Forester (though you're in the market for a new car).

I actually wasn't sure about Oatmeal though. I thought it also might be herring.

Cheryl S.

It was nice of Carole to post first with all the answers. ;-D

Jake, Oatmeal, and Subaru Forester.


I know you do not drive a Mini (that is, as your own car) because I remember you told us about buying it and not for you...

I now have the best source for future answers....

Jake, Oatmeal, Subaru Forester (we bought ours last October and we are in love).

Happy Fifth :)


Saved by Carole. As a recently added reader, I didn't have a clue. Okay 1) Jake, 2) Oatmeal and 3) Subaru Forester. Congratulations on five years.


After some research I must admit I do concur with Carole and the group! Jake, oatmeal, Subaru Forester! Honestly I didn't look at comments until I research :)


Carole nailed it! :-)


I didn't know any of the answers until I read the other comments. So I can't win this one unless I win for honesty?!? ;)


Jake, Oatmeal, and Subaru Forester.
Thank you Carole! ;-)

Happy Blogiversary, and thank you!

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