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The Universal Donors of the Culinary World

Okay.  I tried for spare.
Y'all said NO.
How about this one for a compromise?



Often, Tom helps me out with my Ten on Tuesday posts.  Sometimes we do a little brainstorming together; sometimes he helps me sort out my ideas; sometimes he comes up with whole new directions for me.

Today, though . . . it's all his!

Yes, as I chopped peppers and onions for last night's dinner, Tom took this week's topic and ran with it!  He came up with the whole thing:  concept, list, even pulled stuff out of the pantry and took the photograph.

So, from my Guest Ten on Tuesday blogger, here is Tom's answer to Ten Foods that Belong Together.  Take it away, Tom . . .


Might not be your first inclination, but each of these foods can work with almost anything.  They are the culinary equivalent of O blood -- the Universal Donor.

  1. Chocolate
  2. Beer
  3. Wine
  4. Pecans
  5. Bread
  6. Butter
  7. Olives
  8. Tobasco
  9. Goat Cheese
  10. Balsamic Vinegar

(And now you know what's in OUR pantry!)

How about you?  What foods belong together in your world?


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The Universal Donor of the pantry... cracks me up! Bravo, Tom! Excellent post.


Excellent Tom! And man, I wish my guy ate like you do!


Great twist on the topic and I agree on all ten except for goat cheese, I'm just not a fan.


You'll find every item in our pantry, too. They truly are universally usable foods we love!


The blog's has some personality today!


I love Tom's Universal Donor take on the idea! Maybe he can come up with a few new scientifically-minded topics?




Now the blog is's got the colors and flowers that say Kym!!


I love that the list begins with chocolate. I wish it included garlic and I'm really glad I don't see eggs! fun take on the prompt...and I wish I lived close enough to come for dinner!


I like this design. It has much more of a pop to it!

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