Truth . . . Stranger than Fiction
Spring Break Throwback

The Truth Shall Set You Free

And now . . . the truth is revealed.

(But first, look what showed up in my frozen tundra of a yard!)


(So. Exciting.)

Yesterday, I left you hanging with my April Fool Ten on Tuesday.

  1. In second grade, my school had a mumps epidemic.  I was the only student in the school to win the Perfect Attendance award that year.
  2. My first job when I finished college was at The Coloradoan newspaper.  I took classified ads over the phone, and typed up obituaries and auction announcements.
  3. The butterfly on my left hip is not my only tattoo.
  4. I used to play softball.  (I pitched.)
  5. I was kicked out of Brownies because I didn't pay my dues.  (To be fair, I was just not clear on the concept.  I liked keeping my nickel in the Official Brownie Coin Purse on my Official Brownie Belt.  Besides . . . the troop leader's house smelled funny.)
  6. I started out in college as a French major.  
  7. I was nominated for Prom Queen when I was a senior in high school.  (I didn't win.)
  8. If I was a boy, my parents planned to name me "Todd."
  9. One of my college boyfriends played baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals. (But not when I dated him.)
  10. I have three college degrees.  They are not related in any way.  (And one is not French.)


  1. True.  I have never had the mumps, but I was surrounded by them that year.
  2. True.  Sometimes I also typed up wedding and engagement announcements.
  3. False.  Alas, no tattoos.  (Although I would get one in a heartbeat . . . if I could figure out just what image or word I would tattoo.  And where.)
  4. True.  I used to nearly throw up before each game.
  5. True.* Scouting just wasn't for me.  I know many people who loved their scouting experiences, but, even as a child, scouting seemed a bit fascist to me.  (My kids didn't do scouting either.  Brian was lured to Cub Scouts by the promise of the Pinewood Derby, but in the midst of our very first pack meeting -- I'll admit my eye was twitching the whole time -- he looked up at me with that sweet little 6-year-old face and said, "Mommy?  I don't think this is for us!"  We left.)
  6. True.  French literature did me in, though.
  7. True.  I was not named Prom Queen, however.  (And I detested my date, besides.)
  8. True.  Todd Michael, to be exact.
  9. True.  He was just a college baseball player when I knew him.
  10. True.  Elementary Education (bachelors, University of Wyoming), Accounting (bachelors, The University of Texas), and Philanthropic Studies (masters, University of Indiana).  Interesting skill set, sure.  But what does it get you?  Working for a small pile of shekels in non-profit arts adminstration, that's where!

And now you know!

* My mom doesn't remember that I was actually kicked out of Brownies.  She does remember the leader's house, though, and she remembers that scouting just wasn't for me!  (She loved being a Girl Guide in Canada, herself, though.  And my sister loved Brownies and Girl Scouts -- and became a leader for her own daughter's troops.  It was just me.)





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Admitting to more than one tattoo seemed a bit odd, but I knew the rest had to be true.
I hope spring continues to reveal itself in your garden!

Cheryl S.

Yay! I got it right.


Alas, I was wrong. It WAS fun though! :)


I agree on scouting and I've lost a lot of respect for BSA over the years. Dale loves it, though, at least on a local level.


Tattoos are difficult decisions to make. Mostly because they are with you for life! That was an interesting list. Thanks for sharing :-)


Interesting list and very interesting educational path! Someday maybe you'll blog about the (possibly meandering) path that led to three disparate degrees, and what happened to French along the way!


Fascinating list! My daughter convinced me to get a tattoo with her when I turned 50. At that age, my concerns were less than it would be a long regretted move. My main concern was that over the upcoming years that it didn't sag and become oddly misshapen. I worried about placement....So I got it on my ankle. Nine years later, still intact, no regrets!! It is a fun and precious memory I share with my daughter!


Ha! No tats here, though I've (idly) toyed with the idea.

I was in Scouts through maybe 4th grade. My kids... no strong feelings either way about it. My kids definitely DID have strong feelings... and not in favor of Scouting.


I loved playing along this week - your list was fun and just enough tricky (yes, that's a word!).the tattoo is a thing for me, too. if you do figure out what and where - tell me!

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