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Spring: The Fickle Season


Today's topic - Ten Things You Like to Do Outside - is bittersweet.  Because it is snowing again.  And that seems Not Quite Fair . . . especially after such a beautiful weekend.

Oh, well.  Spring is the most fickle of all the seasons.  









(Obviously . . . not a recent photo!)

Before I start whining, let's just get to it!  Ten Things I Like to Do Outside:

I like to get outside and interact with my environment!


1.  Gardening . . . the all of it!  Planting.  Transplanting.  Weeding.  Tending.  Walking through with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine).

2.  Watching the Bird Joy!  Filling the feeders.  Managing the birdbath.  Listening to their songs.

3.  Tending "my" bees and butterflies.  

I like to get outside and MOVE!


4.  Walking my dogs in the neighborhood.  (They like it, too!)

5.  Running.  (And I much prefer running outside to running on the indoor track -- although that got me through a long, icy winter.)

6.  Kayaking around the lake. 

I like to get outside and just HANG AROUND!


7.  Enjoying my surroundings with a cup of coffee . . . or iced tea . . . or a glass of wine.  (Pretty much any beverage will do!)

8.  Sitting around a campfire.  (Even better when the lightning bugs do their thing.)

9.  Soaking up the sunshine.  (With a book or a junky fashion magazine or my knitting.)

10.  Kicking back in my porch swing.

How about YOU?  What do you like to do outside?


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Everything goes better with the outdoors! We're all warm sun deprived and have great desires to be out in the fresh air and be doing, going, growing! Comeon SUMMER!!


There's still a chance for snow in our forecast this week, but if I ignore that and move along to the EXTENDED forecast, I can see 60s in my future and, man, IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! I can't wait to reacquaint myself with all things outdoors, because I'm having a hard time even remembering what it's like to enjoy being outside. Harumph.


I feel your pain--six inches of snow covering the pansies yesterday morning. None of my favorite bloggers mentioned cooking al fresco. Everything just tastes better--plus the husband actually helps with the cooking!


I heard you were getting snow. :-( And I think a campfire is just about the best thing in the entire world. And the sun is still being a fickle are so right!


That first picture with all the plants made me happy. It will soon be warm enough to plant those little beauties! Campfires are so much fun. Even more fun when some coffee is involved.


As I sit here reading blogs, it is almost 80 degrees here and I'm complaining that it's too warm. After reading that you're getting snow, I'll quit now. :)


We are forecast for up to 3" of snow tonight. This winter just won't let go will it? We've got a bit of a wait until we can spend much time outside I'm afraid. It'll come though. I'm confident!!


Wonderful list -- can't believe I forgot "sitting by the campfire", but it's been awhile since I've been camping. Definitely want to change that this summer. Thanks for sharing!


hoping Spring comes for real very's way past time! I know your anxious about the garden and I'm looking forward to seeing it through your blog. also the coffee and the wine, and the knitting. we were on the screened porch this weekend and it was heavenly.


I like to do all the things you like to do! I wish Dixie could still go for walks.

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