Throwback Thursday: The Beginning (or Getting REAL)

Right Now . . . April 2014

[Edited before posting:  Because of Typepad's continuing frustrating . . . issue. . . I have spent far too long this morning trying to get a great photo of my Alabama Chanin project.  It will not load.  I give up.  Maybe tomorrow.]

April . . . just flew by!  

Although the weather is not reliable quite yet, it is definitely more spring-like.  And I'll take that.  (Even though the early part of spring is always one of the most unattractive times of the year.)


(But at least the snow is finally gone.)

What's happening in my world . . . RIGHT NOW?


Watching . . . A storm rolling in.  Leaves popping out.  Robins making a nest in my pergola.  (It'll be a few weeks before I'll dare get my swing out!)

Reading . . . Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez . . . a re-read of one of my favorites, in memory of one of my favorite authors.  I'm also reading Bach: Music in Castle of Heaven by John Eliot Gardiner.  (This one will take awhile.  I like having a big ol' biography by my bed to read before I sleep.  Sometimes it takes months to finish, but that's fine with me.)

Knitting . . . Not much, actually.  Not much at all, in fact!  Instead, I've become totally immersed in hand stitching -- and obsessed with my Alabama Chanin project.  (Addicting, I tell you.  Totally addicting.)  I do have one knintting project on the needles:  Another folded poncho!  This one for summer, in Hempathy.  (My goal is to bring this to Italy when I leave at the end of August.  Any bets?)


Listening to . . . Bach's Brandenburg Concertos.  (Inspired by my reading, of course.  Plus one of my favorite pieces of classical music.)

Dreading . . . Yet another dinner of baked spaghetti!  It's very good and all, but one pan lasts for days (and days!) when Tom is not around to share.

Planning . . . Where to plant 2 new trees I just bought!  A Satomi Chinese Dogwood and a Hearts of Gold Red Bud.

Humming . . . ALL of the songs from Grease.  I blame an old friend who posted something on Facebook yesterday that seems to have triggered the onslaught.  (I'll spare you.)

Wondering . . . Where all these ants coming from?  Right here!  In my kitchen!


Drinking . . . A lot of water!  (Trying to up my daily intake.)

Itching to . . . Plant my herb garden.  But it's still too early.

Needing to . . . Finish cleaning up my garden beds.

Organizing . . . Inspired by my newly-organized closet, I'm ready to tackle my jewelry box next.  

Delighted by . . . The whole Alabama Chanin thing.  I'm completely charmed.  (Can you tell?)


Inspired by . . . My closet re-fresh.  Enough so, that I'm ready to tackle every corner of my life in an effort to further pare down and minimize.

Celebrating . . . So. Many. Things.  Tom's imminent return (from weeks in Mumbai).  Brian's graduation.  My dad's birthday.  And a special visit -- from someone all of you know!!!

Pleased with . . . Myself!  For sticking with my running -- something I NEVER dreamed I would do.  (I'm now up to a regular 4+ mile course -- hills and all!)

How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . Right Now?


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Good morning! Such a great list, so many great things. Trying to up my water game too since I've upped my exercise game. Getting stronger every single day. You'd be proud of me!


(poor Typepad, poor us)You have so many great things going on!
I have One Hundred Years of Solitude on my iPod
I've deconstructed a couple of t-shirts in order to stencil my AC project
Red buds are so beautiful this time of year!
Spring: ant season-sucks!
We just planted two lemon thyme and they survived the frost (whew)
You have much to celebrate this month. Can't wait to hear more!


Can't believe this karma...I too am sorting out the jewelry. Some junk, some treasures and lots of memories seeing it all again (it goes back even further than the stuff in my closet). You go, girl! By the time planting season arrives, you'll be lean and mean.


4 miles? I kinda hate you for that! And I didn't realize Tom has been gone for weeks, sorry about that. WHO is coming to visit??!!


So much wonderful stuff going on right now -- except for Typepad (still?) and the ants!! Can't wait to find out who your visitor is... and to see that Alabama Chanin project!


You always have so much going on! Makes me feel like a lazy lump. But I'm blaming the weather!
Can't wait to find out who is visiting. :)


Really enjoy these posts. I've never read him, but have bookmarked Love in the Time of Cholera this week as a must read. Love that poncho. I'm currently wrestling with Churchmouse's Turkish Bed Socks. Number one almost done and I'm not sure it'll fit.


I'm listening to LITTOC, drinking gallons of water, ignoring the leftover baked ziti!

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