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Right Now . . . April 2014



Carole has just returned from a heavenly vacation in Mexico.  She is struggling with the re-entry process . . . back to work; back to routine.  


We've all been there.  Sweet anticipation.  Fabulous vacation.  Wonderful get-away.  

And then . . . whamm-o!  It's over.


It is so hard to settle back into that old, familiar routine when you return.  Even if you're ready to get back home after traveling!


Really.  Who wants to come back . . . to meal planning, grocery shopping, laundry, and tackling that work email inbox?

No wonder Carole is struggling!

Let's help her out.  This week . . . Ten Good Things About Coming Home from Vacation:

  1. Not having to keep track of your passport.
  2. The taste of your "home water" -- straight from the tap!
  3. Being greeted by your happy, tail-wagging dogs.
  4. Spreading out in your own space.
  5. That familiar and comforting water pressure in your own shower.
  6. Seeing what's happened in your garden.
  7. Sorting and opening the mail.
  8. Not needing a map or travel guide to get around.
  9. Putting the camera down.
  10. Getting back into your normal routine.

Being home . . . feels pretty good, after all!

How about YOU?  What do you like about coming home from vacation?


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Home sweet home! That might be why I rarely go away. Love seeing your vacation pictures once again.


It really is nice to get back to the routine. Vaca is wonderful but home is pretty cool.


I'm going to be re-reading these posts in a month.


It does feel good and I'm loving all of the posts today reminding me why. Thank you!


I love walking back in the door as much as I love walking out of it! That SF bridge picture is just beautiful!


My last trip was one of the best of my life, but oh, to be home to my very own American bathroom was more wonderful than it probably should have been.


my own water, coffee and shower are definitely things I enjoy coming home to. this time, I think "American English", too!

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