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My Closet: A Metaphor for Life, Part I

Yep.  You're in the right place!  
I'm looking for a new "blog-look" and decided to try this one on for size.
What do you think?


So I set off, last month, in search of POSSIBILITY.

Which sounds kind of silly, actually.  Because you can't really look for possibility; you simply need to be open to exploring possibility.  You need to be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking.  You need to be open to making new connections.  You need to try new things.

But how?

How could I explore NEW possibilities . . .  when my life is already overloaded with my EXISTING possibilities?

I realized that I am overwhelmed every single day with dealing with my existing choices and options and, well . . . possibilities.  When I stopped to think about it for awhile, I realized that I'm actually so trapped in my already-life, so stuck in my existing structure, so secure in coddling my long-held habits and thought-patterns . . . 

That it's not really feasible . . . 

to think about POSSIBILITY!

Frankly, there's just too much crap in the way!


Over the last couple of weeks, I've come to understand that the first step in my year of POSSIBILITY really needs to be . . . 

A paring down.



So I really CAN consider POSSIBILITY in my life.

It's quite clear to me, now, that I need to tear down . . . before I can build up!


So I looked to my closet.  And I realized . . . it was a metaphor for the rest of my (cluttered) life. I dug in and gave myself a Closet Intervention.  (Stay tuned.)



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I can't wait to hear more about this. We have such a small closet (and we share it) that it never really gets out of control because there isn't room. I like the new blog look, it's pared down, just like you want for your life.


The blog is maybe a bit too minimal...flat. It lacks dimension and personality. I'm in dire need of a blog redo, but I'm stuck and afraid to made the big step.
Cutting my wardrobe down to just basics was one of the best things I ever did. Looking forward to your journey of discovery.


I like the look but like Margene said - maybe just a little more pop! (From the one still under construction...)Can't wait to see what you've been up to!


Re: the new blog design, I like the minimalist look. Your writing and reading stand out, which is a plus for me. I understand the closet culling completely. My yarn stash was really becoming more of a guilt-inducing albatross than a pleasure, so I had to reduce and reorganize. It felt great! Can't wait to see the Closet Intervention results!


The new design is nice, but it lacks the color that it used to. Maybe that's the point? I feel like it's missing something though.


The previous comments about the blog look align welll with my own reaction--I am now a regular reader, but this would not pull me in if I weren't. Looking at my own closet reminds me of the 80/20 rule and recent efforts at paring down need to be amplified! Spring culling maybe?


I agree...a little pop of color maybe? Or a brighter color on the title.
Closet's amazing what you find that you forgot you even had!! ;)


Is this the more fluid blog design that adjusts depending on the device? I like the clean look, and am thinking that you'd add some sort of photo header if you decided to keep it. Or something to make it Yours! Oh, the Possibilites!!


the new blog look seems fresh and less cluttered...but for some weird reason I feel off center about it! can't wait to see what you're doing with your closet - I did a huge overhaul when we moved...and find myself ready for another one just 16 months later.

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