Spring P-UPdate

My Closet: A Metaphor for Life . . . Lessons Learned


(This photo has nothing to do with today's blog post.  
But my star magnolia is blooming, and I am beside myself with joy

I am nearly wrapped up with my closet "intervention," although I realize now that it will be a long-term project as I continue to rethink and purge and shift and pare down.  The process really has been cathartic for me, though.  A kind of metaphor for life!  Here are some of the lessons I learned . . . through my closet:

  • When our "closets" are full, it feels like we have plenty of options.  But sometimes, too many options can weigh you down.  And then you stagnate.  And keep choosing the same thing.
  • The more variables in the mix, the harder it is to come to a decision.
  • It's necessary to release some of the old if you're ever going to embrace anything new.
  • It's hard to add a new item when there isn't anywhere to put it.
  • Sometimes we forget what we already have.
  • Guilt and obligation makes us hold to to things we ought just let go.
  • There is freedom in less.

Lessons from a closet . . . sound like POSSIBILITY!