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It's Five O'Clock Somewhere


This has been a tough week . . . 

Taxes.  (Filed.)

Heartbleed.* (Ei-yi-yi!)

Work angst.  (Retirement?)

Printer jams. (Plural)

Recalls.** (Mom-worry.)

Lost contact lens. (Pain in the ass.)

At least it's not snowing.  (There is that.)

It must be five o'clock somewhere . . .


* Check this website or this one for up-to-date lists of passwords you need to change now.   (Total hassle.  But who's counting?)

** Brian drives a Cobalt.



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All those passwords. Ugh. I hope the wine helps with the rest of it.


It IS always something. I am the WORST at figuring out secure passwords I can remember. Retirement? That sounds very nice.


Retirement is great if you're ready. Taxes-- blech-- same for new passwords. The guidelines for an effective password are so complex, I can't remember the guidelines, much less my actual passwords. TGIF!


Oh I don't want to do it but I must! And what the heck will I use and remember??? ;-) I love the R word. Love, love, love. TGIF my friend and I'll clink you around 6.

Cheryl S.

And what really bites is that I just changed all of our passwords to more secure ones a few months ago. Now I have to start all over again.

BTW, That watercolor app is the one thing that makes me envious of an iphone. I wish there was something similar for Android or Windows.



Hope the weekend outshines the week!



But I just changed passwords!! Ugh.
Hope you have a super weekend!


“Any idiot can face a crisis; it's this day-to-day living that wears you out.” -Anton Chekhov

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