Spring Break Throwback
My Closet: A Metaphor for Life, Part I

Cut and Paste

For March, the One Little Word prompt had us making a "vision board."  I loved this project last year, and I loved it again this year!  


I was really surprised at the direction my board took this year.  I had been thumbing through every magazine and catalog that I found all month long . . . clipping images that appealed to me in some way, and then clipping words and phrases.

When I sat down last weekend to see what I'd collected and how they spoke to me, I was somewhat surprised at the sheer number of word-phrases I'd clipped!  And how, taken as a whole, those word-phrases told a tale of discovery, exploration, and . . . yeah . . . possibility!

So I decided to go for simple and spare.  I tossed aside the images.  And I created a little "poem" with my word-phrases.  Just in case you can't read it in the photo above, here's the poem that I created from a month's worth of word-clipping :

Wander with purpose
See the world through a different lens . . . go forth . . . get crackin'
Give it a whirl . . . off the grid
Spread your wings . . . rise and shine
Don't be chicken . . . chart an entirely new course
Change everything . . . go bold
Jump start a whole new ballgame
Roll out a new blueprint
Unleash your inner character
Stand tall
Go with the flow . . . discover the unexpected . . . no rules, just movement
Less can do so much more . . . do more of what you love
Time is precious
Crave good things
Create endless possibilities
Live in full bloom . . . be an inspiration
You've come a long way, baby.


Looks like . . . POSSIBILITY . . . to me!



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I'm struck by this vision board on many levels. That you find, compile, and create a life plan out of the pages of the media is striking and inspiring. You see possibility everywhere you look, which is inspiring!


That is a great vision board for you - it really encompasses how I think of you in so many ways. I opted out of the vision board exercise, I just wasn't feelin' it. This month, though, is about pictures and I am ALL IN.


What a great idea. That's WONDERFUL!


You are going to feel so inspired every time you look at that! What a way to end the week and start the weekend!


Amazing! Thanks for sharing....all your work, collecting and creativity is also especially meaningful to me right now! You continue to be a positive inspiration to me Kym! Perfect timing too!


Very cool! It just sounds like you!


I LOVE it!! absolutely alive with possibility!


Oh! A fresh start! Very cool!

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