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Throwback Thursday: There Were Times I Liked the Snow

There were times I liked the snow.


When I was a kid, for example, playing with my sister in the front yard.

There were times I embraced the snow.

Scan 7

When I was skiing (here at Steamboat with my college roommate, Sarah, in 1979), for example.

Heck, there were even times I wished for snow.


Just this past Christmas, for example.

But now?  Now I just want it to melt.


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We don't have all that much snow at this point but I just want it to be warm!


I'm with you...the snow can go!!
It warmed up just a smidge here and now we have icy roads. /sigh


Go. Away. Now. And take that ice rink in the backyard with you! ;-)


Loved the Steamboat picture. Did you notice--it wasn't nearly as cold then!


Is there any chance you'll be unburied soon? Any chance you'll see the ground....soon? Love your photos of times past!


I can't believe how much snow we have, and I think you have even more!! We were below-zero again this morning and I made the mistake of looking at the weather almanac, learning that the average daytime temperature is in the 40s. I'd be happy (for a little while) with a few days in the 30s!!

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