Right Now . . . February 2104
At the Movies

She's a Frozen Fire

Soundtrack . . . 


She's driving away . . . with the dim lights on . . .


She's making a play . . .


She can't go wrong . . .


She never waits too long . . .


She's winding them down on her clock machine . . .


And she won't give up . . .


She's a frozen fire . . . 


Let's go!


So, yeah.  I ran the 5k.  11 degrees F at the start - and at the finish!  My time was way, way off my goal, which disappoints.  But I did it!  (I'm a prima donna runner who trains on an indoor track during the winter, so this icy stuff made me a bit more conservative than I probably needed to be.  But, hey!  I didn't fall.)  

When I crossed the finish line and grabbed a cup of water, I had to break through the ice before I could drink!

Oh, and one more thing:  Thanks, Tom!  For getting up to come with me, for the valet service, for the extra-hot seat heater on the way home, and for being my camera-man!




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You get TONS of credit for doing it in that cold!


You have a big feather in your cap for running this from start to finish! You're a trouper to even entertaining the idea of running during an icy weather. You go, grrl!!


Congratulations! It's soooo cold out there! But...that hat! It's fabulous! Here's one more ! for getting it done.


yay you!! any race is a good race ... especially in winter!


Way to go! You're a brave soul...I barely dare WALK on icy roads. High five to you and to Tom!!


11 degrees??? You're a better woman than I am. I'd be inside with my knitting.


Go Girl!!


Wow! I love that you're smiling in these pictures. Maybe your face was frozen that way, but you're still smiling, whatever the reason. Congratulations; you are definitely not a fair-weather, prima donna runner!

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