Throwback Thursday: There Were Times I Liked the Snow
Honey, Have You Seen the Remote?


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Excellent idea! Hooray for women's history.


So true. We must always be moving if we are to keep growing.


Looking forward to it!




Thank you for your excellent idea! I'm a bit ashamed to admit I didn't even know Women's History Month existed.


Didn't know there was a Women's History Month! Learned something new today. :)

Dana Simerson

Kym, I have been a reader of your blog a long time. I've admired your wit, wisdom and most of all courage as you have successfully stepped further and further from the edge. All the time I've been reading your blog, I've admired you, but knew I could not truly understand all you spoke of in your journey. I just admired the way you did it. Last November, out of the blue at 58 years old, I found myself with a cancer diagnosis of my own. Surgery and many tests later, I am embarking on my first chemo treatment tomorrow. A scary, but somehow liberating proposition. I bookmarked your "I am" post from a couple weeks ago. I want you to know that your blog and most especially that post is a source of wisdom and strength for me. I have much support in my family and friends too, but your words,even though I don't really know you (I feel like I do! how strange is that??) are so helpful and encouraging. I thought you should know the impact your Blog and willingness to share your experiences has made on a strangers life. So thank you, I am ready to start backing off this damn edge myself! Dana

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