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Right Now . . . March 2014

She Said It: Week Four


"The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day; a movement is only people moving."

--- Gloria Steinem


Gloria Steinem

Earlier this week, Gloria Steinem celebrated her 80th birthday.  How awesome is that?  (Click here to read my story about meeting Ms. Steinem.)


March is Women's History Month.  Celebrate the legacy of women's words with me here each Friday during March.


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I had a feeling G.S. would be the star of today's post. What an inspiration she continues to be!


Not only is G.S. an inspiration, but so are you Kym!!


Amazing story Kym! Thanks for sharing! Gloria has always been an inspiration! I agree with Margene, so are you!


That is one terrific quote! Thanks for inspiring me when all I really want to do is sit around and knit on this rainy day.


Gloria Steinem is such an inspiration and I am beyond jealous of getting to spend face time with her. Ah well, friends and I did see her speak and take inspiration from her words. Thanks for reminding all of us of that wonderful energy by posting about Women's month,


Thanks Kym, you always give me an opportunity to think and I appreciate that! (Have a nice weekend!!!)


A very wise woman - I loved your story about meeting her!

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