She Said It: Week Four
Truth . . . Stranger than Fiction

Right Now . . . March 2014

March . . . came in like a lion.  And, pretty much, it STAYED like a lion.

Until Sunday.

On Sunday . . . Spring showed a glimpse of what's to come!


(Garden Buddha is wholly visible.  Finally.)

What's happening in my world . . . RIGHT NOW?

Watching . . . Spring roll in!  Ever so slowly . . . but coming.  Birds.  Light.  Glaciers receding.  (Also basketball.  But just the exciting parts at the end.)

Reading . . . The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton.  Just what I'm in the mood for right now, which is a very good thing, as this is (yet another ) of those 800+ page epic novels I tend to be inclined to read.

Knitting . . . A gift . . . Canyonlands . . . for a special mentor in my life.


Listening to . . . John Legend.  Who will be coming to Kalamazoo to play as part of the Gilmore Keyboard Festival in May.  (And guess who got tickets?  Yeah!)


Dreading . . . Mud season.  And Jo Jo.  (But mud means "the winter of our discontent" is over.  And I'll take that.)

Planning . . . Gardens.  Projects.  Spring chores.  (Hope abounds)

Humming . . . Summertime Sadness.  (I'm afraid it's good and stuck.)  (I'll spare you.)

Wondering . . . Why my desk can't stay clear and organized???


Drinking . . . Oberon.  A sure sing of spring here in Kalamazoo!

Itching to . . . Find out what survived in my garden this winter.  And what did not.  (I know there will be casualties.)

Needing to . . . Finish the damn taxes.

Organizing . . . I'm making drastic changes in my wardrobe.  Drastic.  (This subject deserves an entire blog post.  Maybe two.  Stay tuned.)


Delighted by . . . My vertical fern garden -- a find from the Chicago Flower and Garden Show earlier in March.


Inspired by . . . Alabama Chanin.  Enough so . . . that I've dug out the kit I purchased on the Alabama Chanin website two years ago.  The kit I was so intimidated to try . . . that I stuck it back in the far reaches of my craft closet without even breaking the seal.  I'm ready to give it a try now.  (I actually opened the plastic wrap and took it out to look at just this week.  Baby steps.)


Celebrating . . . Jenny's leash restriction is over in a couple of days!  She's doing great -- and more than ready to run.

How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . Right Now?


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I've wondered about Jenny often this winter. I hope she enjoys her newly found freedom and Jo-Jo isn't too rough on her. You have a rich bounty of happenings going on in your life. Looking forward to hearing about the closet, the garden as it comes forth, and the AC project!


Oh I've been loving all that Alabama Chanin! Can't wait to see what you do. I'm knitting Cape Cod and reading some trash that I'm not ready to admit to yet...if I continue. (NOT 50 Shades!) Watching the freezing rain coming down...praying for spring. Happy Monday!


You've got lots going on. It's cold and raw (and snowing slightly) here right now. Seriously? But I had strawberry wheat beer yesterday and that means that spring must be here.


I am going to have Mud Season like no other this year! Thank god I don't have little kids or dogs... I think the cats will want to keep their paws fairly mud-free.

Can't wait to hear about your wardrobe. Also, so excited about your Alabama Chanin project!


We are having a blizzard today...hope that it doesn't head your way. Mother Nature is a mean one this year.
Canyonland is so pretty.
Yay for Jenny! And hopefully mud season doesn't last too long...

Cheryl S.

There's green in that first photo! Hooray for spring!


Holy crap! Your world isn't all white and snowy any more!

Loving the ferns!


I smile to think how much folks all over the place are happy to see all of your Buddha. (and how a few of us are happy we aren't entering a season of mud). Looking forward to learning about your wardrobe changes. I've made a few myself these past two months and I'm wondering if I can make them permanent. and last but certainly not least - YAY Jenny!!! (p.s. hope you had a lovely birthday!)


What a grand day coming uo for sweet Jenny! Love the resurrection of garden Budda. Mud season not so much.

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