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Paradigm Shifts

Last week at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, I was thrilled to find this year's exhibit* from Women's Journeys in Fiber --  Paradigm Shifts: Impressions of Change.

Each artist was to create a shift-style dress as a canvas to represent a paradigm shift in her life, science, politics, or religion.  The results were stunning!

This artist (who we got to meet and chat with at the show) created a "shift" to show the "shift" from 50s housewife (her mom) to today's woman (her daughter).  The front of the shift told the story of the 60s through the present . . .


While the back of the dress told the story of the 50s housewife. . .


A gardener told the story of her shifting garden -- from generic lawn to lush flower beds!


And a life-long seamstress depicted her shift from dressmaking and tailoring (on the back) . . .


to an exploration of quilting and experimental stitching techniques (on the front)!


There were several weavers . . .



a knitter . . . 


and many fascinating looks at history, and several poignant political statements. . .


This one contrasts images from fashion magazines with newspaper articles about the textile factory fire in Pakistan that killed more than 300 people.

One of my favorites . . . 


was completely made of words!


Her shift told the story of the power of love (in both English and Korean).


So many shifts!


So many stories!


Such a powerful exhibit!


For me -- surrounded as I was by flowers and gardening ideas, and inspired by color everywhere -- the shifts were the best part of the the day!

Click here if you'd like to see more of the shifts and read some of the artist statements.


*Last year's exhibit featured shoes, and the year before, it was aprons.


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The play on the word shift, the unique character of each artists imagery, and the wonderful needle art put into each artists imaginings makes this an amazing exhibit. Thank you for taking time to photograph each one and bring the stories to us.


What a creative idea! Thank-you for bringing it our way this Monday!

Cheryl S.

What a wonderful exhibit!


Wow, those are amazing! I can't even fathom coming up with those concepts - what talent!


FASCINATING!! I clicked on & read about every SHIFT that I could. How fun for you that you were able to see it all in person. Thanks for sharing! Wow.


what an inspired idea...and lucky you to see all the pieces in person! thank you for allowing me to enjoy it vicariously!

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