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One of Those Easy Weeks


Sometimes . . . when I open the Ten on Tuesday email from Carole . . . I have to really think and think to come up with my list.  Other times . . . it's just EASY.

This is one of those Easy Weeks!

Because . . . reading . . . is what I do.


(One of my favorite reading places.  Although I have to fight Jenny for it.)

The Last 10 Books I've Read:

  1. The Luminaries (Eleanor Catton) - Still in progress, but so far . . . worth the slog (at over 800 pages).  Nice and Dickensian.  (And I love Dickens.)
  2. Hunting and Gathering (Anna Gavalda) - Marvelous!  (Although if you are a big fan of plot-driven novels, this might not be for you.  If you love character studies . . . dive right in!)
  3. Book of Ages: The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin (Jill Lepore) - Solid.  Interesting.  (Especially if you're a fan of women of the Revolutionary War era.  And I am.)
  4. The Good Lord Bird (James McBride) - Wonderful . . . in that Huck Finn kind of way!
  5. In the Shadow of Blackbirds (Cat Winters) - Well-done young-adult fiction (which I always find slightly tedious, for some reason, even when it's well-done).
  6. Gift from the Sea (Anne Morrow Lindbergh) - A re-read for me; an inspirational book about the changing phases of woman-hood.  I was inspired to pick it up again after reading . . . 
  7. The Aviator's Wife (Melanie Benjamin) - Nice and solid.  I kind of love Anne Morrow Lindbergh; it's interesting to read her story (even though this one is biography-laced-with fiction).
  8. The Man in the Window (Jon Cohen) - A delightful, quirky love story with some interesting twists!  (I thank Carole for the recommendation on this one.)
  9. The Flamethrowers (Rachel Kushner) - Meh.  I struggled through this one.  Big time.  (Still trying to figure out what the fuss is about.  Anyone????)
  10. The Spinning Heart (Donal Ryan) - I loved this book.  So. Much.  What an interesting way to tell a story . . . (check it out for yourself and see!)

How about you?  What have you read lately?


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Really trying to make time for reading again. I can't even participate this week because I probably haven't read 10 books in two years! I do love reading your list though and thank-you for most of the recommendations of the last books I've read! ;-)


This group of 10 all sounds pretty much up my alley, but #3 is going to the front of the list. That one really hit my "interest" button! Thanks for the recommendations. :)


What a great list; thanks to you (and Margene) I'll be starting The Spinning Heart tonight!

I agree with you about Anne Morrow Lindbergh. When we moved here (5 miles from the Lindbergh house and a block behind the courthouse where Hauptmann was tried), I read all her journals and letters. I'm always amazed that she and I could have so many thoughts and emotions in common, despite our 50-year difference and completely different circumstances. You might enjoy No More Words by her daughter Reeve. It's a poignant chronicle of AML's last years, difficult to read about, but Reeve has her mother's gift with words.


You always read the best books. I added The Spinning Heart to my queue a while ago and today both you and Margene mentioned it. I'm reading Bellman and Black right now - I'm about 70 pages in - and I think it's going to be very good.


havent read any of these (or even heard of them actually). we have very different tastes in litterature apparently but i am intrigues by many of these. Will definitely be checking out Gift from theSea. Thank you for sharing your reads


I enjoyed The Luminaries, it was a great story and I agree with you about Dickens. I just finished Painter of Silence and just started The Spinning Heart. So many books, so little time!


So many books is right! You scored a perfect 10 of books I've not yet read! As another Dickens fan, I'd better get busy!


no surprises here, but I do think you and Margene are getting The Spinning Heart to the top of my list. it's short and that helps! two book clubs doesn't give me enough time to read other stuff!


I have to agree with you - this was an easy week. But then, I am always reading at least one book. :-)


Ohhh, lots to add to my list!!


I just added The Luminaries to my list. It sounds like a full and rich story!

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