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One of the things I really like about the One Little Word project is the way it combines multiple "channels" to explore your chosen word each year.  Journaling.  Photography.  Art projects.  Thinking.  Doing.  All rolled into . . . One Little Word.


Each month, there is a "prompt" -- setting up ways to think about your word for the month.  There is usually a journaling exercise and typically some sort of creative project to go along with it.  If you follow all the prompts, and do all the projects (which are provided in a very step-by-step process, making them do-able for anyone), you end up with a lovely scrapbook at the end of the year.

This is my fourth year to do One Little Word.  In each of the previous three years, I faithfully began the projects, determined to end up with the lovely scrapbook at the the end of the year.

But, at some point along the way - usually about 3 or 4 months in, I always abandon the projects!  I DO the prompts -- I usually journal the heck out of the prompts! -- but I stop when I get to the step-by-step projects.  


This year, I decided I'd just START the One Little World year . . . off the grid.  I didn't even pretend to want to make the lovely scrapbook.  I just decided to use my existing journal, and let my own creative spirit carry me.  (Which is totally encouraged by the Ali Edwards, the One Little Word creator.)


So this year, in the midst of my ongoing journal, I have random One Little Word pages sprinkled about.*


So far, this is working for me!  (I always do kind of like making my own way best.)


* The pages, above, represent my own version of the February prompt -- about setting actions related to your word.


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That looks so much fun! And I see a couple of items on your list that are on my list too!


The envelopes are a perfect way to show your love of the written word and to play with your creativity!


Nicely done. I haven't watched the March video yet, have you?


You are so good at this. I looked at journals just yesterday but I know myself well enough to know I'd never continue with it past the purchasing point!

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