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Melt-Watch: Week 2

Despite a mid-week snow storm last week that dumped 8 new inches of snow on us . . .


and despite the fact that we were still sub-zero last night . . .

we're melting here.  




Yeah.  That's Garden Buddha!  Visible for the first time since late December.

And check THIS out. . .


My mailbox!  Totally accessible and nearly snow-free.

Sure, my yard is still mostly covered with snow. . . 


but there is hope!  

My pond is nearly visible again. . . 


And.  (Heart, be still!)  The GREEN is beginning to show!


That's a hellebores there.  (I'm so excited.)  

And, of course, the MUD is beginning to show, too!


Spring is in the (still frigid) air.  And we've got sunshine in the forecast.

Good timing.

Because . . . 

my mittens are worn out. . . .


handknit socks, too. 


My car is a mess, and my garage is covered with salt.


And my poor, damaged (unmanicured!) nails are in need of some humidity.  (STAT.)



Bring it!




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After the winter you've had you deserve a full blown beautiful and colorful spring! That's Jenny! I hope she's doing well and that she's had a little fun in the snow.


I've lost my good gloves, my hands are like sandpaper too and it was 5 degrees this morning. Let's jump on a plane and get out of here!


When I got up this morning it was 17°. Seriously, it's past the midway point of March and I'd like it to warm up! Our snow is pretty much gone, though.


The 1st picture is beautiful but not so much this time of year!
It's so wonderful when things start showing up through the snow. Spring'll come! Hopefully sooner rather than later. :)


It's so wonderful that when it finally does start to melt... it goes pretty quickly. I'm amazed 'round here! And so happy.


Amen! We haven't had the big snow dumps this winter, but it's been cold and tiresome with small snowfalls every other day. Oh, and thanks for reminding me to be grateful for our relatively easy winter!

Cheryl S.

It's good to see some bare patches on the ground, but not in your hand-knits. Boo-hoo!


Your hands look painful, this spring must come NOW!


Oh my goodness, parallel life being lived here in Ontario! Add in one large (wild) bunny using my backyard mini crabapple tree, vines and hydrangeas as his personal fridge too. Last week I hand-washed my car, two days later we had a blizzard. The sun is getting stronger though, there is hope. I bought sandals on Saturday in defiance of reality. Hang in there, Kym!


I'll bet even mud is a welcome sight after all that snow? hope you see more warm sunshine this week... so you don't have to interrupt your spring knitting plans to replace those socks and mittens :-)

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