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Melt-Watch: Week 1

Sometimes, in the fall, I do a Color Watch here on the blog . . . to track, visually, how the colors change around me.

This past weekend, I was inspired by the melting snow piles.  How about . . . if I track, visually, how the snow melts around me?

So I snapped a few quick photos . . . of the snow piles, mid-melt.

My mailbox.


My driveway.



My front walkway.


My patio.


My potting bench.


My new "lower patio."


My pond.  (Right.  My pond.)


Since Sunday, when I took these photos, melting continued.  However, when I woke up this morning, the temperature had plummeted, and about 6 inches of new snow has piled up overnight (with more falling).

Still.  I have hope.



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Oh man, really? More snow? We were supposed to get either that or rain yesterday; thankfully, neither materialized. I feared it would take forever for our snow to melt, but great progress has already been made in just a few sunny days of above-freezing weather. It's pretty volatile right now, and the temp swings are dizzying! So anxious for "sweater weather"!


Same thing here in Toronto. The melting went very fast yesterday and this morning it is falling heavy again but I love it.
(This time it is not fair as I spent 7 of the worst weeks of this winter in sunny Israel).


I have no idea what's arriving here tonight - I think a wintery mix. Good times! ;-)


Melting will come and you'll have to keep us posted as your garden reappears. Spring snow is wet snow (usually) and it melts quickly! Stay warm!


7 days until spring - at least on the calendar if not in the atmosphere!

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