Melt-Watch: Week 2
On My Way

Honey, Let's Just Stop and ASK Someone


It was such fun to think about divisions-of-labor last week . . . that Carole has us doing it again this week.  Only in reverse!

I asked Tom to help me with this week's list . . . Ten Things I Do That He Could Do -- But Doesn't.


Here's what we came up with:

  1. Laundry
    Tom:  Sorting?  Folding?  Why bother?
    Kym:  Care labels = required reading.
  2. Household paperwork, including bill-paying, taxes, and deadlines
    Tom:  I have a PhD in organic chemistry!
    Kym:  (Can't fill out a form to save his soul.)
  3. Packing his suitcase
    Tom:  You're just so much better at it than I am.
    Kym:  That's because I fold things.
  4. Wardrobe approval
    Kym:  Tom is colorblind.  (Very colorblind.)
    Tom:  Colorblind means never having to say, "It clashes!"
  5. Wrapping presents
    Tom:  Why bother?
    Kym:  Again, it has to do with folding.
  6. Home décor including where to hang things on the wall
    Tom:  How about here?
    Kym:  Are you freakin' kidding me?
  7. Managing the social calendar, including which cultural events we'll take in
    Tom:  Mixed Martial Arts is coming to Wings Stadium!
    Kym:  Too bad.  We have opera tickets that night.
  8. Menu planning
    Tom:  Meatless Monday again?  Isn't it Thursday?
    Kym:  Yep.
  9. Making the bed
    Tom:  Why bother?
    Kym:  Neat covers = sweet dreams.
  10. Asking directions
    Kym:  Let's just ASK someone.
    Tom:  [mumbles under breath]

How about YOU?  What do you do . . . that your significant other could do, but just doesn't?


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