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Honey, Have You Seen the Remote?


After being married for . . . 32 1/2 years . . . it's pretty safe to say that Tom and I have worked out a division-of-labor that pretty much works for us.  I cook; he cleans up.  He takes care of run-of-the-mill household repairs; I schedule the major stuff.  I paint; he touches up.  We each take care of our own car.  That kind of thing.

But there are a few things that . . . have just evolved.  

Without discussion.

Without an out-loud agreement.

Things that . . . I could certainly take care of myself.  But I let Tom do instead.


Things like . . . 

  1. Dig.  (He loves to dig.  Me?  Not so much.  But I could. . .)
  2. Carry heavy things.  (I'm pretty strong.  I can carry things.  But I let Tom do it anyway.)
  3. Change light bulbs.  (In fact, I let him purchase, inventory, and store the light bulbs.)
  4. Pack the car.  (Trust me.  This is the Only Way.)
  5. Cook eggs.  (He is fabulous with eggs.)
  6. Grill.  (I have never grilled anything ever.  I know I could -- but Tom just loves it too much for me to jump in.)
  7. Assemble things.  (I'm better with instructions.  Really.  But I just stand back and let him work it out.  Y'know?)
  8. Change the channels.  (This one is hard for me.  But it's generally more peaceful if I just let him hold the remote.)
  9. Drive.  (It's a control thing.)
  10. Push the cart.  (See #9.)

How about YOU?  What do you let someone else do . . . that you're perfectly capable of doing yourself?


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The green grass in that picture above?  It's killin' me. . .



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Ha! I have to push the cart too - although I hate to drive the car so I leave that up to him. Personally I think it is so I can knit in the car.


I need to give up #10. He wonders off and I have no idea when he'll be back or what he'll bring back with him. 1,2,3, 5, 6 are also in Smith's bailiwick. But #8 he has control when I'm around, but he can't change the channel unless we both agree. No surfing allowed!


Haha. That's a great list. There is much here to which I can relate. :)


I must be the control freak - I drive AND push the cart! We fight over the channels though. LOL. Great list!

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley

Oh, I love your list and am chuckling as I type. :) Last year when we took a 3-week, cross-country road trip, I didn't drive...even once!


Boy, a lot of these items could be on my list, too - esp packing the car. He's just way better at it than I am. Not the remote, though. That sucker is mine, all mine!


DH's mom was a very independent person and I learned from her while we lived on the same farmstead. So there isn't much that I don't do for myself. And DH doesn't seem to have any problems with that. :)


4-5-6-8-9 yup. I've got #10. The driving thing is so true! And after all these years I still say want me to drive?! ;-)


Oh my goodness, the cart! Ugh! We went to the store together this weekend and he insisted on pushing the cart, which he also believed gave him carte blanche over the order of the store.... Good thing I had a list so we actually left with what we needed!


oops! there are lots on your list that my dh does that i forgot about lol. hehehe

Julia in KW

that could be my list!


Sounds about right.

A big one here is anything technology based (ESPECIALLY if it's HIS technology).

Bug-killing is a big one too. I can TOTALLY kill bugs (and usually do when he's not around) but if he's home and there is a spider, I suddenly become a shrill-screaming girly girl and he comes and destroys them. (My hero...?)

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