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Color Box(es)

When I was a little girl, I loved to color.  I would occupy myself for hours with a coloring book and my big box of "colors."  (I never called them "crayons.")  I'm not sure exactly what it was about coloring that was so satisfying, but it was.

Maybe it was using my fine motor skills.

Maybe it was the visual nature of seeing the colors on the page.

Maybe it was that my mind could wander and I could dream while I was engaged in a simple activity.

But I think . . . it was choosing the colors!

A few weeks ago, when I was feeling particularly stressed out from too much activity (and, truth be told, from the cold, monocolor world around me), I decided that what I really needed to do . . .

was color!

So I bought myself a new box of colors.


And a new color book.


And discovered the same pleasure from coloring that I had when I was a little girl.


So much pleasure . . . that I decided . . . why stop there?

I decided to get out my "color box" of yarn and color with that!


The knitting is slow - because color work often is - but I'm enjoying all the same elements that come from coloring with colors on paper:  

Practicing my fine motor skills.

Enjoying the visual nature of seeing the project unfolding in front of me.

Letting my mind wander and drift.

Choosing the colors!


When it comes right down to it, what I really needed during this cold and drab (and never-ending) winter . . . was playing with my color box(es)!


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Love this post! Makes me want to color as well. And love the colorwork knitting.


Your coloring book would be SO much fun! Coloring spring flowers in all the colors you love and creating the world of a green, pink, yellow and blue garden would be heavenly. Is that a sock or a mitten? The colors are exciting and fun. You're living up to your word of "possibilities" with your knitting and your coloring!


Love the coloring book idea. Where do your purchase "colors" and coloring books like these? I feel like this little project might just bring out the little girl in me!

Funny how Spring and its colors burst out everywhere!


Oh, that coloring book looks like so much fun! And so does your knitting... what's it going to be??


Beautiful colors! And why do we stop coloring? Those flowers would be so fun to bring to life!


gorgeous! and the perfect antidote to never-ending-winter!


That coloring book looks like so much fun! And, your knitted piece is gorgeous!

Cheryl S.

How fun! I remember having those big posters on my bedroom walls that you colored in.

Whatever you're knitting looks great! Mitts?


Color is definitely a good cure for the winter blahs!


I have a coloring book called Mandalas. And a collection of coloring pencils...what a great stress reliever!
Socks? Mitts? Handwarmers? Whatever you are knitting they look so very cheerful and just like you colored them!!!

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