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Balm for the Soul

I always love going to the Chicago Flower & Garden Show!  The timing is just perfect to brush off the winter cobwebs and start thinking about spring.

But this year?  Ah, this year it was double-y (no, make that triple-y!!!) wonderful.


As soon as Sandie and I stepped in to the Navy Pier exhibition hall . . .


we were overwhelmed (some might say downright giddy) from the smell of fresh flowers and trees. . .


and we realized how starved we were for color!


We had a wonderful day in Chicago -- filled with inspiration, education, and a bit of shopping, too.  I'll share more in the blog-days ahead.


For now, let's just say that being surrounded by plants and flowers . . .


was balm for the soul!



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Look at all that green and the COLOR everywhere! No wonder it was just what you needed after living in your world of white. The little water pool surrounded by ferns and greenery captures my interest. Not sure it would work in my desert world, but I love it! Hope the greenery stays with you during the last throes of winter!


Fantastic! I always enjoy the Boston Flower Show for those very same reasons.


It's so dreary in our worlds right now -- the dirty gray ick of "snow" -- that must have been wonderful! It's the 1st day of Spring today!! (C'mon, Spring!)


Gorgeous and just what we all need!


Happy Spring indeed! LOVE the colors and I can only imagine how wonderful it was to feel warm, smell the smells and dream about this new season!

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