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I don't usually tune in to any of the "awards" shows on television, but I watch the Academy Awards (or The Oscars, as they seem to be called now) faithfully each year.  Truth be told, I love the red carpet!  (Although I do like the movies, too.)

So, Sunday night found me hunkered down in front of the tv with a spreadsheet I was working on, my knitting, and a glass of wine for . . . The Oscars.

Carole, who is a huge fan of the The Oscars, asks us this week . . . What we Thought of The Oscars this year.

Hands down, my favorite moment was this:



My list of 10:

  1. See above.
  2. Lupita Nyong'o.  Her dress was divine.
  3. Lupita Nyong'o.  Her speech was joyous and heartfelt and wonderful.
  4. Lupita Nyong'o.  Her brother.
  5. Bette Middler's red carpet dress.*  That's the one I'd want to wear!
  6. Kate Hudson.  Looked like a movie star!
  7. Jared Leto.  And his mom.  And that he won.
  8. Brad Pitt.  I'm so glad he shaved.
  9. Pink.  Altough I have no idea why she was singing Over the Rainbow, I thought it was awesome!
  10. Ellen Degeneres.  The whole "selfie," pizza-ordering schtick just really worked for me.  (And, for maybe the first time ever, the movie stars in the audience seemed to be having fun.)  (Except maybe Liza Minelli.)

How about you?  What did you like about The Oscars?


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* Here's Bette's dress:



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I LOVE Bette's dress! It's the only one I'd wear, too. Lupita Nyong'o and Cate Blanchett were both amazing in every respect. The world is round, indeed.


I was completely lost at the whole Wizard of Oz thing... it was some anniversary (I missed which one, if they even said it, and wasn't in "math mode") -- 75th, I figured out later. It just seemed a bit random.

Bette's gorgeous!

I thought all of the acceptance speeches were nice and it seemed that hardly anyone was "played off."

Bridget Clancy

I enjoyed the show too (gotta get my post up later), and agree with a lot of your list. I also though Jared Leto's tribute to his mom was beautiful.

I love Bette Midler, period. She is an absolute hoot on Twitter!


I agree on all points and I also thought Bette did a wonderful job singing. It's cool that they honored Wizard of Oz but what about Gone with the Wind? That's also celebrating it's 75th anniversary.


We didn't watch but I HAD to look at the dresses the next day on the internet. That is probably the most interesting part of the whole event. There was maybe not as much double faced tape used this year! ;)


I've got half a show remaining! But I did love Jared Leto's speech too and his mother's hair! She was gorgeous!


Kate Hudson is simply gorgeous! And I agree that the audience looked like they were having a great time - not sure about Liza, like you said.

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