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Wearing . . . Possibility


When I did One Little Word last year, I found it made a big difference to my thinking about it when I could see my word around me.  By making my word - SURPRISE - visible, I thought about it more, and that led to a heightened awareness about the surprises happening around me.

This year, I'm looking for ways to make my new word - POSSIBILITY - visible in my life.  


I found this perfect silver ring.*  The front side (not showing in this photo) is a subtle pattern of vines that leads into the phrase "dwell in possibility" stamped along the side and back of the ring.  It is simple, beautiful, and a wonderful, visible reminder to me of my word.



* I found the ring at this great little shop on Etsy.  The jewelry artist, Hanni, lives right here in Michigan, too!



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How perfect to wear your word on your figure as an inspiring reminder as to what exciting things life has to offer.


Perfect! Now I'm off to check out that little shop on Etsy. :)


Quite nice! Whatcha knitting these days?


What a great idea!


That is a great little ring! Sadly, my JOY ring got misshapen really quickly since it's just thin wire. I'll be on the prowl for something different now.


Wow...thanks so much for the mention! Lots of traffic from your blog today, which is very appreciated! Especially in these cold winter months...

And such a nice collection of writing on your blog, as well. I'll be back to read more!


what a great way to keep your word visible ... off to check out Hanni's store!


Cute little ring!!



I'm always amazed at how many talented and creative people are on the etsy.

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