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The Truth About My Love-Hate Relationship with the Olympics


Like many of you, I've been watching the Olympics.  Not obsessively, and not every day.  But enough to keep up with things.  


I have a bit of a love-hate thing going with the winter Olympics.  On the one hand . . . I love them.  On the other hand . . . I hate them.  So.  My thoughts on the Olympics this year? A mixed bag!

  1. (love) I always enjoy seeing obscure sports I never see except every 4 years at the Olympics.  (Like ski jump.  And how is it that I never realized that women weren't ski jumping before?  I'm usually pretty good at catching things like that.  I am amazed at myself . . . and amazed that women weren't allowed to do it.)
  2. (hate) I find the commentators incredibly tedious.  I actually sort of despise them.  (Except Scott Hamilton.) (And poor Bob Costas.  I've had pink eye as an adult.  It's awful!) 
  3. (love) I especially like the fast and dangerous sports . . . speed skating, aerials, ski racing in all forms, snowboardcross, bobsled.
  4. (hate) I hate the hype.  (Hate.)
  5. (love) I love to watch hockey on the bigger Olympic-sized ice.  So much more room to manuever; it really opens up the games, eh?.
  6. (hate) I pay no attention to "medal counts."  (Like that's a sport.)
  7. (love) I have fun watching curling with Tom.  (He has programmed the DVR to record each round that is televised!  He is VERY into the curling.)
  8. (hate) I am sick, Sick, SICK of the commercials.  (Which we can skip through when watching the recorded curling rounds.)
  9. (love) I like men's figure skating best of all the skating events.  (So much power.  And their costumes are so much more fun that the women's.)
  10. (hate) I think it's beyond goofy that they're holding winter Olympics in a seaside resort with FAKE snow (and stuff they saved from last year). 

And there you have it!  Love.  Hate.

How about you?  What do you think about the Olympics this winter?


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Love your list and agree with you on all but one point. Scott Hamilton talks too much. :)


I have a love/hate relationship with it as well. I think too much money is spent on the whole thing - think how much good could be done with those funds. Maybe that is my non-profit fiscal side talking. I love Olympic hockey - but never watch hockey any other time. And we love curling - watch every night while eating dinner.


I'm a big fan of speed skating, too, especially the short distances -- such excitement, and anything can happen! I don't mind Scott Hamilton, he does talk a lot but he seems genuinely excited; I can't stand the female commentator, whatever her name is. I record it all (well, "all" being whatever is broadcast on regular NBC because we don't have cable) and FF through quite a bit, sometimes even deleting a whole afternoon without watching... I just don't find *all* of the cross-country events to be riveting.


I hate no clue women weren't ski jumping either. I love watching them though! And I am totally done with all the same commercials. Way too repetitive.


I was able to watch live events the other day and I enjoyed that so much more than the evening prerecorded stuff.


I love the ski jumping, too -- forgot about that (since it was so long ago, like... last week).


I wish I had seen more of the skating...DH hates it...I love it.
It does seem that the Olympics tend to generate the love/hate thing!


I am wondering if the things you mentioned are what have caused me to lose my Olympics mojo. It seems that there are so many commercials and so much clutter and so much fragmentation... But ya gotta love the athletes!


Haven't seen much - may have to tape a curling event to understand! And I'm with you the singles men figure skating is great.


I really enjoyed the Ice Dancing this year! I used to hate it but this year I found it to be really captivating.

Teresa C

I definitely avoid the hype, for the most part. I can focus on my knitting or being incredibly snarky and making fun of it all with whoever is watching with me.



That's funny -Scott Hamilton and that woman make me insane with rage and I spend much time wishing there was an option to turn them off but keep the music. The other sports don't really need sound so I mute it if they bug me.
TOTALLY AGREE about the commercials.


how great about curling (and that Tom figured out how to record just that!) ... I am feeling kind of over the whole thing this year. Just not that into it. Maybe all those hate reasons you listed. Although I have to say I can't recall a single commercial. Do I just zone out when they come on?

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