Jottings . . . Re-using . . . and Poetry
Right Now . . . February 2104


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I bet they are toasty warm and I know they are VERY cute!! Lucky Nikki! :)


Those are so colorful! Your friend Nikki is a lucky girl!


Aren't you inclined to keep them? Or make yourself a pair? They look amazingly warm. Nikki will love them and she'll know she always has a friend in you!!


They are absolutely beautiful and fun and could almost make winter look beautiful and fun! Naaaaaaaaaaaah...not this year!


Those look super warm and I am jealous. I just lost a pair of gloves (not any you made though! They were just my touch screen gloves I got when I was still in grad school) when I was digging my car out of its ICY TOMB. Super. Jealous.


I made thrummed mittens a few years ago for the girls -- so fun but, more importantly, SO WARM!! Nikki's found a very good friend.


These are fun! Thrums should be mandatory in all outerwear pieces this winter;)


These are such fun thrummed mittens--the ones I made years ago were solid color and the outside looked like a Norweigan lice pattern--yours are much more creative. And it sure sounds like you need them this winter!


Oops--shudda sqid your friend needs them!


yummmmy warm. and brightly colored. that Nikki is a lucky girl!

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