Right Now . . . January 2014
The Art of Letter Writing




You are turning me
like someone turning a globe in her hand,
and yes, I have another side
like a China no one,
not even me, has ever seen.

So describe to me what's there,
say what you are looking at
and I will close my eyes
so I can see it too,
the oxcarts and all the lively flags.

I love the sound of your voice
like a little saxophone
telling me what I could never know
unless I dug a hole all the way down
through the core of my self.

--Billy Collins


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"Oxcarts and all the lively flags", the words hit home.
Wouldn't you know we chose the same title today.


I will describe to you what's there, at the core of your own self: beauty and grace and wisdom.


is it a mistake that I have no desire to travel with Marc to the other side of the world? I've never been, but he's been dozens of times. I like that there's a side of him I do not see...but hope I get to know it after.

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