That Old, North Wind . . . Or . . . Mittens for Nikki
She's a Frozen Fire

Right Now . . . February 2104

Let's just make this perfectly clear:  I am SO DONE with winter.


Like . . . totally finished and so glad to have arrived at the end of February.  (Although March isn't looking any better.  At least initially.)

What's happening in my world . . . RIGHT NOW?


Watching . . . The next Polar Vortex roll in.  (Seriously.  This needs to end.)

Reading . . . Hunting and Gathering by Anna Gavalda.  My kind of read:  all characters and dialogue; short on plot (because, really, plot is overrated!).  Also The Good Lord Bird by James McBride.  Which I love for all the reasons I love Huck Finn.


Knitting . . . These charming little mitts . . . out of my leftovers . . . while I decide on a sweater.  Because I'm in the mood for a sweater.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 8.54.17 PM

Listening to . . . a just-found playlist I created several years ago: Kym's Top 100.  I believe I was trying to capture 100 of my favorite songs of all time.  Which was impossible.  And I gave up.  But listening to my attempt pretty much just makes me happy . . . because of songs like this . . .


Dreading . . . a 5K on Sunday morning.  The Winterfest 5K - on March 2 - seemed so reasonable when I registered in mid-December.  

Planning . . . What to wear to run aforementioned 5K.  Because the race kicks off at 8:00 am . . . when the temperature is supposed to be 0F.  (Oh, brother.)

Humming . . . 100 Years from Five for Fighting.  I am a total sap for that song.  (It showed up on my Top 100 playlist.)


Drinking . . . Red wine.  And plenty of it.

Itching to . . . Knit a sweater.  Plant a garden.  Wear my flip flops. 

Needing to . . . Make a move to doing our taxes.

Organizing . . . Said taxes.  And other paperwork.  (The fun never ends.)


Delighted by . . . Waterlogue.  Best. App. Ever.  (I am completely addicted.) (As I'm sure you've noticed.)

Inspired by . . . Color.  I'm tired of the DRAB of winter and I'm seeking out ways to add color to my days.


How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . Right Now?