That Old, North Wind . . . Or . . . Mittens for Nikki
She's a Frozen Fire

Right Now . . . February 2104

Let's just make this perfectly clear:  I am SO DONE with winter.


Like . . . totally finished and so glad to have arrived at the end of February.  (Although March isn't looking any better.  At least initially.)

What's happening in my world . . . RIGHT NOW?


Watching . . . The next Polar Vortex roll in.  (Seriously.  This needs to end.)

Reading . . . Hunting and Gathering by Anna Gavalda.  My kind of read:  all characters and dialogue; short on plot (because, really, plot is overrated!).  Also The Good Lord Bird by James McBride.  Which I love for all the reasons I love Huck Finn.


Knitting . . . These charming little mitts . . . out of my leftovers . . . while I decide on a sweater.  Because I'm in the mood for a sweater.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 8.54.17 PM

Listening to . . . a just-found playlist I created several years ago: Kym's Top 100.  I believe I was trying to capture 100 of my favorite songs of all time.  Which was impossible.  And I gave up.  But listening to my attempt pretty much just makes me happy . . . because of songs like this . . .


Dreading . . . a 5K on Sunday morning.  The Winterfest 5K - on March 2 - seemed so reasonable when I registered in mid-December.  

Planning . . . What to wear to run aforementioned 5K.  Because the race kicks off at 8:00 am . . . when the temperature is supposed to be 0F.  (Oh, brother.)

Humming . . . 100 Years from Five for Fighting.  I am a total sap for that song.  (It showed up on my Top 100 playlist.)


Drinking . . . Red wine.  And plenty of it.

Itching to . . . Knit a sweater.  Plant a garden.  Wear my flip flops. 

Needing to . . . Make a move to doing our taxes.

Organizing . . . Said taxes.  And other paperwork.  (The fun never ends.)


Delighted by . . . Waterlogue.  Best. App. Ever.  (I am completely addicted.) (As I'm sure you've noticed.)

Inspired by . . . Color.  I'm tired of the DRAB of winter and I'm seeking out ways to add color to my days.


How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . Right Now?


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I love this post because I love Waterlogue! I need a smart phone just for this app! I can't imagine running a 5K in your weather. Just stay safe (and warm)!
I wonder how many songs we'd share on our top 100 lists?


Soooo in love with Waterlogue too! And the 5K (ugh) warm tights, one shirt, one fleece vest to keep yo trunk warm and a warm jacket. Go girl go!


Ugh! I need Waterlogue for Android!! Good luck on Sunday... there are a lot of "dittos," on my Right Now list. I bet we share a lot of favorite songs!!


I'm right there with you on this Despicable Winter, but I do thank you for this post which cheered me up considerably. I LOVE your Waterlogued pics, and new book and music recommendations. My weekend full of taxes and shoveling our upcoming 8-12" of snow/ice is looking much better; I hope you don't mind if I keep saying, "At least I'm not running a 5K!"


Also, I agree with you that it may actually be February 2104 since it feels like this winter has lasted for at least 90 years!


Ditto to Waterlogue and ditto to being over winter!


ooohhh love the indoor waterlogues - must give that a try! finally found a few minutes to read your blog. thank you for all the humor and grace and the fabulous Emily Dickinson book recommendation. hoping I can be a better blogger and blog reader this month!


I've been resisting that app but I think it's futile at this point and I shall have to succumb.

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