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It's been a slog of a winter this year.  Unrelenting, bitter cold.  Ice.  Snow that's breaking records.

And I've done . . . okay . . . with it.  I've rolled with it.  I've laughed about it.  I've kept-calm-and-carried-on.

But, I gotta tell you, it's wearing on me.

It really is.


When Carole asked us to talk about how we feel this week, all that's coming out of me is whining!  How do I feel?  Well . . . 

  1. I feel . . . Sick. Of. Winter.
  2. I feel . . . like having a real, sustained thaw.
  3. I feel . . . like going outside without boots and coat and hat and scarves and mittens.
  4. I feel . . . like having a cold beer on the patio.
  5. I feel . . . like gardening.
  6. I feel . . . like taking my dogs on a long walk without feeling like we'll endanger ourselves on the icy streets.
  7. I feel . . . like being able to turn my water off (because it's gotten to that point here -- we need to run our water in a "toothpick-size-stream" all the time to avoid frozen pipes).
  8. I feel . . . like running outside again.
  9. I feel . . . like not having to "warm up the car" before driving anywhere.
  10. I feel . . . like Spring could come ANY TIME NOW.

Well.  I feel better now!

How about YOU?  How do you feel?


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I read #9 as " warm up the cat" and that made me laugh enough to feel warm again. Spring is coming, we just have to get through this next week.


We've had above normal temperatures for a couple of months, but I still wish spring would come and we could get out without coats more often. Even though we love to take some of your snow off your hands, I can't imagine a winter like the one you've had.


Although I'm not experiencing a real winter this year (another reason to be so very thankful I'm spending this semester in England), I can relate. I hate winter! Well, I like a snow day or two, but then I'm done. lol I don't know where you live, but I'm hoping that you have warmer temps soon -- like today! :)


I think we are all feeling the same thing. And I feel like this winter isn't coming to an end soon. Something tells me we will be wearing winter coats in May this year. Tell me about Global Warming again??? Hang in there!


We had a couple of mild days at the end of last week and that really helped but yes, I feel ready to forgo the winter coat and warming up of the car every friggin' morning.


I feel exactly like you do! This just bites. ;-)


Oh my...winter can get old (in smaller doses, it's wonderful). Yesterday smelled like spring in Colorado but in late afternoon a front dropped in and lowered the temp from about 60 to 30 in 30 minutes. Bipolar weather! Keep knitting and reading the seed catalogues.


I feel glad I have a warm house. But sub-zero temps in March are just wrong. Go away, winter. You're drunk.


I feel the same. Exactly the same. Winter has worn out it's welcome. It can leave any time now!!

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