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At the Beach

On Saturday, Tom and I decided that it had warmed up enough that we could take a trip to the beach.


So we drove over to South Haven to see the ice on Lake Michigan.




The dunes are ice.  The channel is ice.  The lake is ice.*


The whole scene is really kind of like a lunar landscape . . . rather than a beach!


No lifeguard?


No problem!

I think Tom says it best . . . 



* We visited the Lake Michigan beach AFTER much melting took place late last week -- when the temperature reached all of 40F for a couple of days . . . with lots of rain!  But - here it comes again!  The Polar Vortex is going to take another shot at us later this week.


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Another vortex? We're in the 60s during the day and the skies are blue! While you've had a winter to remember, we've had a non-winter.


Boooooo! No more vortex! Looks like a fun day together - hopefully with a nice lunch or dinner to follow!


Stupid weather.


I think I'll wait until it's at least 60° before I visit the beach!


It looks cold. Really cold. Spring is going to be so wonderful this year. I can hardly wait!


Beach? It looks likr Anarctica! Glad you read the signs and didn't risk a little dip!


Ohhh...can I say it out loud or should I be careful?!?

OK, the Israeli won - I must admit I really like it, looks so different and beautiful, doesn't it?

Did you see the "iceberg" that was created on the north part of Lake Michigan? I wanted to share with you the photo I saw on Facebook but can't locate it right now.


Wow. You two are BRAVE. In a similar vein, you might enjoy this post about the Lake Superior ice caves by another bloggy friend who lives in Duluth.

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