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A Word Epiphany

A few weeks ago, Tom and I were at the movies and we saw this trailer*:


At first, I didn't catch on that this movie was actually one of my "favorite-books-of-all-time" -- Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin.  Now, that could've been because the movie doesn't actually follow the book.  But.  More likely, it's because my brain dumps books almost as fast as I can read them**!

I read Winter's Tale back in 1983, when it was first published.  I loved it!  Today, I remember loving it much more than I actaully remember the story.   (In fact, truth be told, all I really recall about the book itself is this: "New York City" and "magical horse.")  


But.  What I DO remember about Winter's Tale is this . . . 

Back in 1983, I recommended the book to everyone I knew!  (Tom even read it.)

I remember not being able to put it down.

I remember being transported by the story.

I remember being deeply disappointed when it was over.


As a result. . .

I still own the book, over 30 years later.  Hardcover.  Which means, I've moved it across the country and lovingly placed in on my bookshelves in six different apartments and homes from Colorado to Texas and, finally, here in Michigan.

I've read several other books by Mark Helprin.

When I flip through the pages of the book today -- pages containing words I don't remember -- I still get a warm feeling about the story.

My epiphany:  Words have magical powers.  Even when you can't remember what they are!


* So, Lady Sybil tragically died on Downton Abbey last season so she could make a movie with Colin Farrell.  Not so sad after all!

** I read about 50-60 books every year, and I have since . . . well, forever.  If you use an average of 55 books each year, I've read over 1,700 books since reading Winter's Tale in 1983.  No wonder I don't remember all the words. . .


Special Happy Birthday wishes go out today . . .

To Brian!  (Please explain to your Mom how you can be 22???)

Goobie boy

To my brother-in-law, Kurt!

And to my dear pal (and partner-in-hat-disasters), Patty!



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I've had a Winter's Tale on my book shelf for years, but never read it (why?). I didn't realize it was written that long ago. You were a kid!


Thanks Kym! Happy Birthday wishes to both Brian and Kurt too. Maybe I'll take time to sit and read this evening! xo


After I saw the trailer, I bought the audio book. Haven't listened yet, still bogged down in Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo.


You can't believe what a relief it is to hear someone else "dumps books out of her brain". I truly thought there was something very wrong with me! Since i haven't read A Winter's Tale, I am adding it to my list! Hummm...sounds like time to curl up with a good book!


I'll be adding that to my Good Reads queue. I don't retain much from my books either - even the ones I love. Happy Birthday to your adorable son!


I'm generally amazed at people that can remember what each book is about and characters from the book. Either they have super memories or don't read that many books... I'm just glad 2nd DDIL introduced me to Goodreads so I know if I've read a book or not!
Happy Birthday, Brian!!

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