Year in Review: On (and Off) the Needles
If Wishes Were Horses. . .

Year in Review: Playing in the Dirt

I have mixed feelings about reviewing my gardening in 2013.  On the one hand, it brings me a glimmer of joy and hope -- much needed after last week's Polar Vortex and nearly 2 feet of snow . . . followed by this weekend's warm-up and melting, icy, mess.  But on the other hand, it makes me just . . . sad.  Because gardening time is still months away.

Oh, well.


For most of 2013 gardening season, my garden looked pretty great.  I ripped out some shrubs, transplanted and divided many perennials, added beds and plants, and directed Tom's efforts in a whole new project.  It was looking great!


Then. . . Jo Jo arrived.

And made a total mess.


(There's always next year. . . )

The things I was most pleased with out in the garden in 2013?


1.  My pergola looks pretty much just how I imagine it might ... when I designed it 5 years ago!


2.  My hops!


3.  And the new arbor to contain them!


4.  We lost a huge black cherry tree in the spring (good riddance, actually) -- but I had them leave the stump.  While I'll be fighting black cherry shoots for a while yet, the stump makes a nice design feature in the landscape.


5.  We also took out a diseased dwarf white pine (that wasn't so "dwarf" any more) in this garden bed.  Although I agonized about taking out that pine for months, once it was gone . . . it just opened up space and the Japanese Maple (there all along) really got a chance to shine!  (It also gave me a chance to . . . plant other stuff!)



6.  I created a couple of little fairy gardens out under the trees.  A bit of charm and whimsy in unexpected places.


7.  Tom took on the facilitation of my next garden dream -- transforming a little-used back corner of our yard and creating a new patio and firepit.  Now that the hardscape is in place, we'll be able to plant and transform the space as soon as we can dig!




8.  The colors were beautiful; the birds and butterflies and bees abundant!  2013 was a great year in the garden.

Now, in these dark, cold, dreary days of winter, I keep busy dreaming and scheming of NEXT year in the garden.

I can't wait!