Have I Mentioned the SNOW?
One Little Word . . . 2014

Truth Be Told


Right now, in the midst of the Return of the Polar Vortex . . . or Snowpocalypse II . . . or whatever you choose to call it, it's de rigeur to trash winter.  To complain.  To whine.  To roll your eyes.


(Because, really.  It does get old.)

But.  Truth be told . . . I like winter.  (As long as it stays in its boundary, that is.  Come the middle of March, I'll be whining just like everyone else.)

Here's why I like it . . .


1 - Snow makes everything beautiful!  In the winter, here in the north at least, the cold, dormant season is very . . . dark.  Everything is a shade of brown (pretty much).  It's bleak.  And not very attractive.  Until it snows!  And then . . . it all looks magical!


2 - Winter brings a form of visible measurement.  I use informal measurements - there are 12 rings on my garden obelisk (but now you can only see 3), for example.  Or Garden Buddha (who has now completely disappeared).  The Weather People use inches -- as in . . . "Kalamazoo has had over 40 inches of snow in January" (true) or "Kalamazoo has already had 80 inches of snow this winter " (also true).


3 -- There are some beautiful sunrises in winter -- and they happen late enough in the day that I can actually appreciate them.  This sky happened just before our last big winter storm hit.  (Red sky at morning . . . sailor's warning.)


4 -- Snow on trees.  I just love it when snow collects on branches and boughs and berries.  It makes the trees look magical and otherworldly.  I am always charmed by snow on trees!


5 -- Dog joy!  My dogs love to romp in the snow, and it's such a delight to watch them.  (Although Jenny can't this year.  Again.  And that's tough.)


6.  New photo ops.  Sure, your fingers freeze.  But it's fun to get out - with your camera - to see the world with new highlights.


7.  Bundling up.  As Tom loves to say:  There is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!  Bundling up and getting out is a great way to appreciate the season and shake off some cabin fever.


8.  Warming up from the inside out.  A cup of tea.  Hot cocoa.  Spicy chili.  A pot of hearty soup.  Nothing beats a cup of comfort on a cold winter day.


9.  Hand knits.  It's so satisfying to pull out the handknit wool socks. . . the scarves, hats, mittens . . . the cozy sweater . . .the afghan.  Winter is the Knitter's Season!


10.  Snow days.  An unexpected day off is a great time to recharge and relax while hunkering down and escaping the elements.

See!  Winter's not so bad now, is it?

How about YOU?  What do you like about winter?


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Tom and Doug think alike. It's all about the clothing...;-) That Jo-Jo looks like a pretty happy pup!


Very true statement about the clothing. I just love watching my dog play in the snow. It's his first winter so it's all a new thing for him.


Winter should be shorter. Much, much shorter.


All 10 are true. Wish we had a winter to enjoy! Come on, snow!


All the seasons have their charms...I just wish they'd behave themselves and not try to encroach on each other's turf lol! Example, snow on May 5is just wrong! But so is 65 degrees in January!


I totally agree with tom about the clothing.

And, generally, I look forward to the cold weather (for the reasons you mentioned). I love it when I want to knit (all of the time). In the summer, I can't even stand to think about touching fiber!


Excellent list with gorgeous photos that reminded me of all the positives to be found in winter. I'm especially fond of Tom's quote and taking it as a sign to knit myself a pair of Ragtops since my fingers are freezing!


A great list, and lovely photos!


I'm hoping for one of those snowy sunrises this morning - I'll definitely be out with my camera. I think this week's topic has shown us who the real winter troopers are - you, Vicki, and not me!


Agree on everyone of those ten!

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